Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Revolutionize your virtual desktop infrastructure with scalability and simplicity.


DaaS is the next generation rich workspace client but the trouble with its implementation has typically been the investment, lack of infrastructure, complexity, and length of time to deployment. We can provide you with the solutions to these challenges, revolutionizing your how your organization works with VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure.

Implementing Desktop Cloud can be insanely simple. We can prove it.

Workspot is a SkyTerra Partner

• Turnkey, All Cloud Solution
• Deploy in Days, Not Months
• One Predictable Bill, Includes Azure


• Single Pane of Glass
• Deploy Across Azure and On-Premises
• Deploy Apps, Windows 10 Desktops and Workstations

How we can help you leverage the benefits of Desktop Cloud

Gain support for all infrastructure.

Run a virtual computer from any modern web browser. DaaS Virtual computers are platform agnostic – from Windows and MacOS systems to Androids, iOS and more.

Deploy quickly.

Add computers to your environment nearly instantaneously.

Obtain on-demand computer power. If you need more during specific periods throughout the year, it’s just a click away.

Prepare different “Gold Images” at the ready idle so that you aren’t incurring cost but can clone them at any time.

Expedite testing systems. They can be spun up, used, shut-down and reset in just a few clicks.

Get predictable OPEX with no CAPEX.

Reduce capital expenses by adjusting computer power when needed; scaling up or down on-demand.

Receive the exact DaaS virtual computers you need as you need them.

Mitigate the need for physical space, cooling, and other hidden costs associated with on premise systems.

Limit costs by incurring expenses for test computers only when they they are turned on.

Eliminate hardware failures and the unexpected CapEx costs they bring as you are only paying for computing cycles, not big iron.

Deliver apps and desktop from Azure and on-premises.

Your DaaS environment can be up in the cloud or on your site or both.

Unify workspaces, create better experiences.

Achieve universal adoption as your users' devices can easily fit their preference: Mac, PC, Android, or Apple – they will all connect to the same virtual computing platform that you control.

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