Why Microsoft Azure?

Cloud computing is the foundation for an increasing number of businesses. As remote work becomes more prevalent, businesses are using cloud computing software to adapt to hybrid workplace environments. Here’s why Microsoft Azure is the perfect tool for these adaptations.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a group of cloud computing applications and services designed to help your business meet its goals. With Azure, your business can create, control and utilize applications globally, using your preferred tools. 

Preparing for Tomorrow

Its continuing development is why Microsoft Azure can support your business’s growth today and your dreams and goals for tomorrow. With over 1,000 new applications and features in the past year, your organization can take advantage of the latest advancements in AI, Kubernetes, containers, blockchain and databases to keep you ahead of the game. 

Adapting Like a Pro

As your business begins its transition into a hybrid environment, applications and tools from Azure are ready to take you to the finish line.  Strengthen security, simplify access and integrate smart policies across all of your work environments with a single-identity platform that nins out of 10 enterprises trust. 

All On Your Terms

With a plethora of features, customizations and support for all languages, your business can function how you want it to. Utilize the implemented development environments with built-in support like Visual Studio and Visual Studio code, IDEs trusted by over 15 million users. 

Trusting Your Cloud

Because its foundation is built on ensured security that’s supported by a team of experts, Microsoft Azure is a platform you can trust to take care of your business. 

SkyTerra Has You Covered

Want to integrate Microsoft Azure into your business? SkyTerra is happy to set up your new cloud computing system. Book a meeting with the SkyTerra team today to get started. 

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