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Talent Knows

At SkyTerra, we look for the best creative, collaborative and solutions-oriented professionals to join our team—no matter where they may live. While we are headquartered in New Hampshire, our team is located across the country, and even some internationally. We don’t look offshore for cheap labor or close to home for warm bodies. We simply look for the best of the best.

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Be Valued For Your Drive To Succeed (Not Your Drive To the Office)

We know that your experience, knowledge and passion for service are in demand. So why not choose a company that gives you the flexibility and benefits you deserve in a low-stress, no-ego environment. Are you:

  • Burned out and buried in your current role?
  • Annoyed with pressures to return to the office?
  • A night owl being forced into a 9 to 5 schedule?
  • Fed up with big egos and office politics?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, SkyTerra may be the place for you.

Building Your IT Career? Why Is a Great Place to Work

Less Stress

When you work in a technology field, it often feels like a not-so-human environment. Not at SkyTerra. We care deeply about the quality of life for our people. Ok, the term “work-life balance” is super-cliché and overused—but it’s also a reality here and core to our culture. You need to bring your dog to the vet or go to your son’s baseball game without feeling like you’re being “watched.” At SkyTerra, work is part of your life. We know you’ll meet deadlines and keep our customers happy without the need to punch a clock or be at the office.

No Egos

No prima donnas here. Technology and market needs change too quickly for any one person to know everything. We have a strong, supportive culture that emphasizes collaboration—everyone adds value and we all learn from each other. Our people are positive, easy-going, and work as a team.

Beautiful Benefits

We believe that every member of the team should feel valued. That means competitive compensation and robust benefits packages. You’ll be part of one, cohesive and collaborative team, whether you work remotely or in our amazing Nashua, NH downtown office, conveniently located near area airports and hotels. Our headquarters is just a short drive to both Boston and Manchester.

Be a part of a bright, growing future with SkyTerra. If you want to enjoy less stress, a supportive team and good benefits while working from anywhere, let us know or check out our current openings.

Our employees serve clients all over North America

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