Meet the SkyTerra Team.

Our Leaders

Dan Bergeson SkyTerra Co-Founder Dan Bergeson SkyTerra Co-Founder, Fun Square
Dan Bergeron
Darren Schriever Co-Founder SkyTerra Technologies Darren Schriever Co-Founder SkyTerra Technologies
Darren Schriever
Valerie R. SkyTerra Technologies Controller Valerie R. SkyTerra Technologies Controller
Valerie Rogers
Chris L. SkyTerra Technologies Chris L. SkyTerra Technologies
Chris Lowe
Client Services Director
Professional Services Manager Susan Marciano - SkyTerra
Susan Marciano
Professional Services Manager
Armando Rivera SkyTerra Armando Rivera SkyTerra
Armando Rivera
Engineering Manager
Chad G. SkyTerra Technologies Chad G. SkyTerra Technologies
Chad Goodrich
Managed Services Manager
Untitled design (12)
Nadine Bergeron-Nutt
Project Management Organization Manager
Victor Rodrigues of SkyTerra
Victor Rodrigues
Managed Services Manager
Dan S of SkyTerra
Dan Shubelka
Managed Services Manager

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Business Development

Bret Tartaglino
Bret Tartaglino
Customer Success Consultant
Ross J SkyTerra Technologies
Ross Jordan
Customer Success Manager
Deborah M of SkyTerra Technologies
Deborah McIsaac
Customer Success Manager

Our Team

Aaron Dominguez of SkyTerra
Aaron D.
Professional Services
Alex Watkins of SkyTerra
Alex W.
Client Services
Alexander R.
Client Services
Cameron Vahe
Cameron V.
Client Services
Christian Army of SkyTerra
Christian A.
Client Services
CJ Thompson of SkyTerra
Client Services
Cyndy W SkyTerra
Cyndy W.
Professional Services
Daren R SkyTerra
Daren R.
Professional Services
Deb Walther of SkyTerra
Deb W.
Professional Services
Denise E headshot
Denise E.
Professional Services
Derek SkyTerra Technologies
Derek S.
Professional Services
Hussein Main Head Shot
Hussein K.
Client Services
Jalin Main Head Shot
Jalin J.
Client Services
Jason M SkyTerra Technologies
Jason M.
Professional Services
Jorge Q SkyTerra Technologies
Jorge Q.
Client Services
Keri L of SkyTerra
Keri L.
Kurt A SkyTerra Technologies
Kurt A.
Client Services
Kyle Main Head Shot
Kyle R.
Client Services
Landon M.
Project Management Organization
Lori Barnwell of SkyTerra
Lori B.
Project Management Organization
Meg S SkyTerra Technologies
Meg S.
Michael Dziegiel of SkyTerra
Michael D.
Client Services
Mike S of SkyTerra Technologies
Mike S.
Professional Services
Pomy Bhatti of SkyTerra
Pomy B.
Client Services Consultant
Roberto SkyTerra Technologies
Roberto C.
Client Services
Robin C of SkyTerra Technologies
Robin C.
Sean Reagan of SkyTerra
Sean R.
Client Services
Shane Main Head Shot
Shane M.
Client Services
Tabitha J.
Client Services
Taiwo Oshodi of SkyTerra
Taiwo A.
Client Services


Empower business through smarter solutions


We build long-term relationships with our clients by collaborating on, building, and executing a vision which empowers their business to focus on what they do best.  We are guided by our people-centric values and by putting the client first.

Core Values

We never stop learning, innovating, and improving

We act with empathy, integrity, and humility

We believe people come first

We strive for diversity and inclusion

We understand that transparent accountability validates trust

We continually assess our workplace culture to identify opportunities to strengthen relationships

The “Take Control of Tech” Plan

Invest in technology so you can spend more time on your business

Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation

Tell us your challenges, needs and goals

Get back to business while we make your IT easy