Post M&A Integration Plan & IT Services

Mergers and acquisitions come with their own set of technology hurdles, from due diligence through integration. Rely on SkyTerra’s M&A technology expertise to see you through.

IT Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

During a merger, acquisition or dissolution, IT leadership plays a key role. Internal IT staff often have little to no experience with M&As or post merger integrations, making it difficult to stay ahead of issues and anticipate tech hurdles. Meanwhile, leadership has a heavy lift just keeping their stressed teams calm amid worries about their jobs and roles. And your internal IT team isn’t immune to these worries. These are just a few reasons why outsourcing IT leadership for your merger, acquisition or dissolution can benefit your business.

With SkyTerra at the helm of your M&A integration plan, you’ll get:

  • A team with hands-on experience with hundreds of mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions
  • End-to-end IT management of your merger, acquisition or dissolution, including planning, integration, migrations, 24/7 support, cyber security management, system upgrades and maintenance
  • Insightful pre-merger analytics and system scans to find infrastructure or technology hurdles before they can impact the acquisition
  • Expert system and data migration, including applications, files and other stored assets

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M&A Integration Right IT Leadership

A Smooth Post Acquisition Integration Starts With the Right IT Leadership

Leading a technology team through a merger, acquisition or separation is not an experience most IT professionals go through once — much less the dozens of times needed to fully understand and avoid potential pitfalls. There are also few IT services companies out there with any level of true expertise in the area. SkyTerra has not just one, but a whole team of technicians and leaders who have successfully managed mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for companies like yours.

Are You Working in the Dark?

  • Do you have a lack of visibility into the technical assets and dependencies of data for one or more parties?
  • Are you unsure of the business capabilities or either party?
  • Are you worried about all parties and vendors involved complying with IT standards for cybersecurity and privacy?
  • Do you lack the talent, tools or resources you need to execute on your desired timeline?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, it’s time to contact SkyTerra.

SkyTerra's Proven M&A Process

SkyTerra’s Fast Start program includes the design, creation and deployment of a sophisticated and scalable intranet in just one month.

We’ve implemented hundreds of successful mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions for firms of all sizes. Our M&A information technology experience has led to our proven process to assure a seamless transition with no surprises, security risks, lost data or downtime. We have this down to a science and your business will benefit.

SkyTerra also has expertise with:

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