Future-Proof Your Business: Microsoft AVD

Wondering how Azure Virtual Desktop services can help your business? Here’s what the service can do to streamline your operations and allow you to grow.

What Is Microsoft AVD? How Does It Streamline My Business?

Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop is a service that can effectively extend the life of your hardware. It is much more than just a VPN; there is no cost structure associated with implementing the service, and it’s faster and more reliable than a VPN.

Consider that office laptop that is at the end of its life: It doesn’t have the storage or processing power you need. That same laptop can be reborn as the access point to your virtual desktop. All the heavy computing tasks are done by the virtual machine and the old laptop’s sole responsibility is to maintain the internet connection to that machine.

Using virtual machines (VMs) shifts the cost of your equipment from CapEx to OpEx and is more easily scalable in times of high turnover or high growth. Companies that hire remote workers may choose to no longer provide a desktop or laptop for home use but a virtual machine instead, giving the company both more control and security over its data.

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Microsoft Solution Partner Security

How Azure Virtual Desktop Provides Security and Productivity

AVDs provide the value of virtual desktops while also allowing the configuration needed to meet your business’s integration needs. They serve as a way to secure your business processes and take them to the next level. Microsoft AVD users transform your business via:

  • Extending your business network as if you were on your company’s regular network.
  • Giving consultants secure access to your network without bringing in their own technology.
  • Providing insider risk protection.
  • Preventing data sprawl.
  • Encrypting messages.
  • Creating custom policies and procedures for access with remote desktop management, as well as implementation.
  • Enabling Microsoft authentication processes with MFA as an option.
  • Giving next-level remote employee capabilities.

You must protect your data at all hours; day and night. With Microsoft AVD, you have secure access to your company’s network with a reverse protocol, authenticated against Microsoft itself, as well as multi-factor authentication as an optional added security layer.

Additionally, Microsoft AVD is designed to support transformative products and services delivery, offer seamless scalability, provide cost savings and give users choice and flexibility regarding VM families and sizes. Microsoft AVD can be considered an operational cost rather than an upfront cost because pricing is billed on consumption.

At SkyTerra, we have multiple implementation programs to choose from. Whether you need us to optimize your Microsoft Azure desktop, transform your current system as a one-off project, build or scale environments, or deploy only the requirements you need, we’re happy to help optimize your business in any way we can.

Why Use an Azure Virtual Desktop Services Partner?

Your technology should be helping your business thrive, but too often you’re just fighting to keep up. From system maintenance to cyber security and the cloud, there’s so much more to do and know than a small team or just one person can keep up with, especially when you need a PC virtual machine.

  • Is your tech strategy stuck in analysis paralysis?
  • Are you struggling just to understand the problem, much less come up with solutions?
  • Do you need support for your burned-out and buried tech team?
  • Are you gun-shy from past technology “solutions” that didn’t solve anything?
  • Do you want a technology provider that is actively engaged in your business?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for SkyTerra.

Don’t Try to Implement Microsoft AVD on Your Own

Optimizing your business’s Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Services implementation is a complex and daunting challenge for most. At SkyTerra, we offer ongoing implementation and troubleshooting support for the Microsoft platform, as well as administrative training for all end users.

Though we are a Microsoft-driven organization, we are an agnostic firm; advising you on the solutions that fit your business needs and not what makes us the greatest margins. Honesty and integrity are critical to who we are, therefore, we won’t suggest a technology, application or tool if it doesn’t align with your business goals.

SkyTerra is a Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Government Community Cloud (GCC). Let us get you started on Microsoft AVD the right way.

We Understand IT's Not Easy

You need a partner that can make IT easy for your business. At SkyTerra we don’t just obsess over your technology, we obsess over your business and how technology can help you scale and flourish. We can supplement internal technology teams, providing an added layer of support, expertise and problem solving, and give you the cloud PC service you need. We can also serve as your fully outsourced IT solution. Here are just a few reasons we’re a top managed services company:

Here are just a few reasons we’re a top-managed services company:

  • Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner in United States, Canada, Europe and Government Community Cloud (GCC)
  • Largest Microsoft Cloud provider based in the Northeast
  • Experience with Fortune 500 enterprise-level technology
  • Over 98 percent client retention rate

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