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Financial IT Services: Powering Compliant and Secure Financial Operations

Let secure technology solutions unleash growth and efficiency at your financial institution with financial IT services.

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Don’t Let IT Issues Disrupt Your Goals

New technologies and regulations are emerging at an unprecedented pace. At SkyTerra, we understand the unique challenges and goals your organization faces, from complying with regulations like SOX, GLBA and PCI DSS, to adhering to KYC and AML.

IT does not have to be your biggest burden, it can be your greatest strength. Our robust financial IT services are created to safeguard you and your clients’ critical data. SkyTerra can be your trusted partner, making your organization operate more securely and efficiently.

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Are Your IT Needs Being Met?

  • Do you need a long-term partner to manage your IT infrastructure?
  • Are you searching for a dependable IT support partner with financial IT services experience?
  • Are you concerned about data security and SOX and SOC2 compliance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, SkyTerra’s financial IT services can help.

Custom-Tailored Financial IT Solutions For You

Our financial IT support services are designed to be as agile and impactful as your financial organization. At SkyTerra, we understand the banking and finance industry has its own specific priorities and obstacles. We pride ourselves on being committed to collaboration with all of our clients. In other words, you can count on us to work closely with your organization to understand your needs. Our personalized approach ensures that our IT solutions integrate with your workflows and infrastructure, working seamlessly to increase efficiency and ROI.

We partner with firms in the banking and finance industry for:

Data Security

As a financial institution, your organization holds a lot of responsibility to have robust cybersecurity infrastructure that protects the sensitive data of your employees and clients. There are ever-changing threats that need to be protected with ongoing security awareness training for staff, advanced intrusion detection and comprehensive vulnerability management.

Cloud Scalability

The cloud has endless potential to help your business scale while saving on costs. Our financial IT service specialists can help guide you through implementation of cloud computing, and ensure a smooth and secure transition. We provide you with ongoing management and support to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of this technology.

Compliance Concerns

Ensuring compliance with local and federal ordinances is a heavy lift. We’ll handle the complexities of financial services data governance. We help you stay compliant with regulations like SOX, PCI DSS, GLBA, AML and KYC. Your dedicated SkyTerra team will stay current with the regulations to ensure your organization meets these critical standards.

Cutting Edge Technology

You need to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do that is to stay on the cutting edge of technology. The banking and finance industry heavily relies on technology-driven solutions to meet client needs. We can help you with researching, procuring and integrating the right technology to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Customized IT Support

SkyTerra is not just your financial IT services provider, we are your trusted partner. The financial landscape is ever-changing. We can support and empower your financial institution to navigate through it, capitalizing on new technologies to give you a competitive advantage and help you achieve your company’s goals.

IT Staff Augmentation

We know that hiring the right individuals to fit your needs is time-consuming and challenging. With SkyTerra’s IT staff augmentation program, you can get the right IT professional to ensure smooth sailing. Whether our IT professional is there for a short project or a longer period of time, you can take comfort in knowing there is someone on our team with the credentials you need to succeed.

Elevate Your Business With Financial IT Solutions

Let SkyTerra be your trusted partner in IT. SkyTerra, your financial IT services provider, will keep you focused on what you do best: providing financial solutions for your clients. Your institution thrives on technology, yet faces specific compliance and security concerns. Rely on our experts for guidance and hands-on assistance.

  • Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner in United States, Canada, Europe and Government Community Cloud (GCC)
  • Largest Microsoft Cloud provider based in the Northeast
  • Experience with Fortune 500 enterprise-level technology
  • Over 98 percent client retention rate

Future-Proofing Businesses of All Sizes

At SkyTerra, we partner with organizations of all sizes. Whether your company is a startup that needs fully managed IT, a mid-sized company that wants to augment an internal IT team or an enterprise that needs expert support for custom IT projects and cybersecurity consulting, SkyTerra can help.

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Growth Mode

Between 10 and 100 employees with no dedicated IT staff

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Mid-Size Business

Between 100 and 500 employees with limited internal IT resources that need augmentation

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Enterprise (500+)

500 or more employees with dedicated IT staff but skills or resource gaps that need to be filled.

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