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Proactively Identify Your Vulnerabilities and Fix Them to Protect Your Business

Cyber threats are on the rise and businesses must be diligent about their digital security to protect against the inevitable attack. SkyTerra’s security assessment report and remediation plan is the first step in protecting your digital infrastructure. Follow these easy steps to secure your business so you can focus on growing it.

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4 Steps For Better Cyber Security

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SkyTerra will audit your entire digital network, including end point devices, cloud security and access controls.

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We’ll review a multi-page report and personalized summary with you, including a deep dive into any major issues.


If desired, we’ll eliminate any holes or weaknesses in your digital infrastructure.

Who Should a Security Assessment Report?

  • Enterprise-size companies that want an outside opinion
  • Mid-size firms looking to augment existing IT resources
  • Small businesses that want to ensure stable growth
  • Start-ups that want to get IT right, right from the start

“I’m so thankful we requested the security assessment report. SkyTerra found some big holes in our cyber security policies and patched them before a hacker found them. Definitely worth the time and effort!”

– Jason M.

A cyber attack isn’t a matter of if, but when. Order a security assessment report today to find and eliminate any risks within your digital infrastructure. Focus on growing your business while we keep your data safe and secure.

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