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Secure the tools your workforce uses, wherever they are used.

of BYOD and Mobility Needs

If work-from-anywhere culture has you worried about data control, it’s time to get better support. With some employees in the office, some at home and others shuffling between the two, it can be challenging for a small IT team to keep up with the security and endpoint demands of a hybrid workplace. Add “bring your own device” (BYOD) to the mix and it can leave you feeling out of control. The right managed IT provider can help get control of your BYOD and mobility needs so you can focus on business.

BYOD Security Shouldn’t Keep You Up at Night

People in your organizations are likely accessing company data from their smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices. They may also be downloading unauthorized applications and tools, creating potential weak points for security breaches. But this doesn’t mean you should outlaw BYOD. With the right security solutions and services in place, you can take advantage of BYOD and mobility benefits while maintaining control and security.

Benefits of BYOD

  • Reduced cost of hardware
  • Increased employee satisfaction (people like using their own devices)
  • Better productivity as people use familiar devices that are close at hand

Let us put the right security in place to make BYOD thrive for your business.

Sleep easier with the right IT partner.

At SkyTerra, we don’t just consider your technology, we obsess over your business and how technology can help you reach your goals. As your IT partner, we’ll make your tech do the heavy lifting, leaving your team free to focus on growing your business. We’re proud of our relationship with our clients.

Client retention rate  over 98 percent

Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner  (U.S., Canada, Europe and GCC)

Fortune 500 enterprise-level experience

The largest MS cloud provider based in the Northeast

Protecting your remote or hybrid workplace

Gone are the days when you can secure your on-site servers and desktops and call it a day. Today’s cyber security involves a multi-layered approach that covers your endpoints wherever they may be (or travel to).

With SkyTerra managed IT services you can:

  • Protect company data
  • Manage control over BYOD
  • Reduce costs
  • Prevent shadow IT
  • Support mobility
  • Increase collaboration

Take control or risk being swept away

Having a remote or hybrid team may feel like wading into deep water, but you don’t have to be swept away by the current. SkyTerra can help you gain control — for far less than the cost of lost clients, a data breach or staff turnover. Trust in our proactive managed IT services for expert cyber security and endpoint management. You don’t have to stay close to shore, just let us be your lifeguard.

At SkyTerra, we focus on empowering companies to break free of legacy systems and do more with their technology.

Technology for the Remote and Hybrid Workplace

With endpoints in multiple locations and settings, it is critical to have the IT infrastructure in place to protect data and support end users. Not to mention helping people stay connected to better productivity and employee satisfaction. Here are some of the ways we support a remote or hybrid work environment.

Protect Company Data

Monitor oversight of user activity and actively control your company data.

Reduce Device Costs

Monitor oversight of user activity and actively control your company data.

Prevent Shadow IT

Reduce potential security vulnerabilities with identity management or single sign-on gateways. This prevents employees from downloading and installing unauthorized applications.

Endpoint Management

Implement processes and tools to secure and manage devices, whether company owned or BYOD. Govern only the corporate-owned data on a user's device (independent of their personal files) with on-demand simplicity and speed.

The “Take Control of Tech” Plan

Invest in technology so you can spend more time on your business

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