Go the Distance With IT Staff Augmentation

Providing you with the talent and resources you need to crush your goals.

All the None of the Drawbacks

Big projects or new objectives can put you between a rock and a hard place: Your internal IT team might be too busy or not have the specialized skills you need. At the same time you have limited time or money to recruit and hire extra hands. You’re left with projects that stall or don’t even get out of the gate. SkyTerra’s IT staff augmentation gives you easy access to experts who will take on your projects under your oversight and within budget.

Stop wasting time and money

We understand that falling behind on objectives is frustrating. Your organization shouldn’t be sacrificing growth due to a limited capacity. By partnering with SkyTerra, you have access to the most in-demand skills, budget-friendly resources and a provider with deep experience in making projects happen on time.

  • Are projects dragging along and stressing out your team?
  • Is untapped potential hurting your bottom line?
  • Does it feel like your growth strategy is unfocused?
  • Do you need reinforcements who can support you in getting things done?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for SkyTerra.

We can’t wait to join your team

At SkyTerra we obsess over your business, not just over your technology. It’s why we want you to accomplish everything you envision for your business. Call on our deep bench of skilled workers to give you the people power you need. When it’s time for you to scale up and succeed, count on SkyTerra.

Client retention rate over 98 percent

Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner (U.S., Canada, Europe and GCC)

The largest MS Cloud provider based in the Northeast

Fortune 500 enterprise-level experience

What is IT staff augmentation?

It’s an easy concept to understand, but IT staff augmentation might feel daunting to put in place. Maybe bringing “outsiders” to your project feels risky or you’re afraid of being out of the loop. With SkyTerra’s IT staffing, you stay in control of the timeline, expectations and budgeting. And you have proven experts who are as invested in your project’s success as you are.

With SkyTerra IT staff augmentation services you can:

  • Control costs
  • Meet critical objectives
  • Button up cyber security
  • Streamline processes
  • Take advantage of cloud computing
  • Support your team
  • Make IT projects easy

Let’s make your to-do list shorter

Where do you go to find the right people with the right skills for your projects? With staffing augmentation services, you can radically shorten the journey from “searching” to “done.” Let us take a load off your shoulders.

Short-Term Staffing

Sometimes you need all hands on deck to pull a project over the finish line. With our services, we can quickly build out your staff, then scale back when the project is complete.

Long-Term Assignments

If you have an ongoing need, but don’t want to invest the time in hiring, one of SkyTerra’s long-term resources could be the perfect answer. Add to your team without adding the complexity (and expense) of internal employees.

The Edge You Need

Fill the gaps in your current IT department’s expertise fast. No waiting for training or certification in on-demand skill sets.

No Long-Term Investment

Avoid getting roughed up in today’s tough labor market. Tap into the resources you need without having to hire more internal staff.

What Are Delayed Projects Costing You?

If it feels like you’re at anchor when you could be going full steam ahead, consider IT staff augmentation. The resources are right here, waiting for you to take advantage of. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

At SkyTerra, our focus is empowering companies to do more, by getting rid of what’s holding them back and sailing toward growth.

The “Take Control of Tech” Plan

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