End User Support & IT Help Desk

Increasing security, collaboration and productivity for in office, remote and hybrid teams

Keeping Connected and Collaborating

Are people in your organization suffering in silence, struggling to work and independently troubleshooting issues? Are their interfaces cluttered with unnecessary applications that have little to no contribution to their work? Concerned about people in the organization downloading applications without approval, exposing your business to potential security threats? We can provide the answers to these issues with managed desktop experience services.

Helping your team get back to business

When people in your organization are troubleshooting their own issues, less time is devoted to business-critical work and to developing ways to improve and grow the company. Lean IT departments are overburdened and unable to focus on security, efficiency and fiscal responsibilities. Choosing the right IT partner gives your people the solutions they need to get back to business.

  • Do you struggle to support multiple desktop experiences?
  • Is application overload dragging down efficiency?
  • Are teams frustrated with the time it takes to get issues resolved?
  • Are people downloading apps without approval and security vetting?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for SkyTerra.

Support That Goes Beyond the IT Help Desk

At SkyTerra, we provide so much more than just an IT helpdesk, we partner with you to rein in your wild IT issues and put technology to work for your business. We can help increase security and productivity by gaining governance, streamlining your support process and creating automated processes to find and fix security vulnerabilities.

Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner (U.S., Canada, Europe and GCC)

Over 98 percent client retention 

The Northeast's largest MS Cloud provider

Experienced with Fortune 500 enterprise-level IT

How we deliver end user support and IT help desk

We tailor our end user support and IT help desk services to match the needs of your business. Forget one-size-fits-all packages that other support providers offer. There are no cookie cutters here. We strategically select the right vendor to meet your business needs, creating streamlined and tailored solutions that put your technology investment to work for your business — every single dollar of it!

With SkyTerra you can:

  • Prevent vulnerabilities
  • Gain control and oversight
  • Secure company data and applications
  • Resolve issues quickly
  • Simplify the support process
  • Become more efficient
  • Prevent costly mistakes
  • Lower team frustration and prevent burnout
  • Make IT easy

SkyTerra Services Also Include:

Support your team no matter where they work, enabling effective communication and collaboration.

Make remote work more secure and extend the life of your office computers with virtual desktops.

With proactive cyber security tools and training you can prevent costly mistakes and protect your business.

Work Is Easier When You Have the Right Tools

Learn what you can accomplish with the right end user support and IT help desk partner.

Provide control over the global desktop experience, governing what people in your organization may access or download

Avoid application overload and limit a person's environment and access to choice applications, data and tools

Provide expedited desktop support for troubleshooting – alleviating the burden of finding a solution quickly

Free staff from actively troubleshooting – increasing the ability to focus on core business needs and value-add activities

Streamline support using one consistent process, removing silos and operational burden on internal IT departments

Gain access to advanced technical expertise – giving the people in your organization the solutions needed for optimal efficiency

Your Vendors and Apps

We help you strategically select the right vendors that work best for your business. Then, we set up governance and oversite so that people's workspaces can never again become cluttered with unnecessary applications.

The “Take Control of Tech” Plan

Invest in technology so you can spend more time on your business

Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation

Tell us your challenges, needs and goals

Get back to business while we make your IT easy