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SkyTerra’s Keep It Fresh program keeps your intranet fresh.

Intranet That
Grows With You

Enroll in SkyTerra’s Keep It Fresh program to keep your intranet in tip-top shape including:

  • New features
  • New sites
  • Additional workflows
  • Updated processes
  • Software updates
  • Security patches

Available on a monthly or quarterly basis, SkyTerra will manage your entire Microsoft SharePoint environment. Trust the experts to create and manage your SharePoint roadmap, so you can get back to what matters most. From productivity, personalization and data governance, as a Microsoft Sharepoint Support Partner, SkyTerra’s team has it covered.

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Why Use a Microsoft SharePoint Support Partner?

Your technology should be helping your business thrive, but too often you’re just fighting to keep up. From system maintenance to cyber security and the cloud, there’s so much more to do and know than a small team or just one person can keep up with.

  • Is your tech strategy stuck in analysis paralysis?
  • Are you struggling to just understand the problem, much less come up with solutions?
  • Do you need support for your burned out and buried tech team?
  • Are you gun-shy from past technology “solutions” that didn’t solve anything?
  • Do you want a technology provider that is actively engaged in your business?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for SkyTerra.