Data Center Modernization

Leverage the rewards of technology in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment.

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Managing Your IT Infrastructure Shouldn’t Be a Challenge

We know how you feel; understanding and managing your IT infrastructure isn’t as simple as it once was. You need a trusted advisor who listens to your technical needs, challenges and objectives, yet understands and considers the overall critical business role they play toward the development and continuation of a successful organization. We work with you to find data center modernization solutions addressing all these points – whether in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid structure.

Does the idea of modernizing your business sound intimidating?

As businesses grow, so do the challenges associated with continual and upward growth. The same data center solutions that worked just fine yesterday may now be holding you back today. Sure, SkyTerra-managed IT services handle any day-to-day tech headaches your team may face, but we also help you identify and proactively plan for your business’s future needs.

  • Is your current cloud system not versatile enough?
  • Are you looking for improved security and transparency from your partners?
  • Do you want to extend the life of previous infrastructure investments or finish out prior maintenance agreements?
  • Is reducing infrastructure risks a priority for your business?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for SkyTerra.

The Right MSP Enables Data Center Modernization the Right Way

At SkyTerra, we obsess over your business, not just over your technology. As your data center modernization experts, we’ll make your tech do the heavy lifting so your team can focus on what really matters. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our experience and results are reflected in our accomplishments.

Client retention rate over 98 percent

Tier 1 Microsoft Gold Partner (U.S., Canada, Europe and GCC)

The Largest MS Cloud provider based in the Northeast

Fortune 500 enterprise-level experience

SkyTerra's Services

Azure Cloud

  • Leverage the versatile integration Azure offers and better unify your underlying critical infrastructure.
  • Gain the ability to predict costs in direct proportion to usage.
    Achieve flexible scalability and higher availability in your IT infrastructure with grow-as-you-go enablement.
  • Acquire more role-based control and monitoring of your environment for improved security and transparency.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Benefit from select cloud features, yet retain a portion of your infrastructure on-premises to meet your organization's internal obligations, such as those defined by compliance requirements.
  • Achieve a gradual move to a cloud environment and gain the ability to extend the life of previous infrastructure investments or finish out prior maintenance agreements.
  • Fortify your infrastructure with a defined and tested comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan, thereby mitigating business disruption.
  • Establish a comfortable recovery point objective (RPO) or improve your existing RPO, as well as reduce your recovery time objective (RTO).
    Reduce infrastructure risks by leveraging SkyTerra's monitoring and management services to proactively monitor your environment, pre-emptively informing you of possible interruptions.
  • Limit the burden on internal teams to acquire and maintain a high level of technological acumen for backup and disaster recovery solutions and processes, providing them with the ability to focus more on their core responsibilities.

Your Current Data Center May Be Slowing You Down

If managing your company with your current technology feels like hiking through deep snow, it’s time to call SkyTerra. The cost of expert, proactive data center modernization is far less than the cost of a lost business opportunity or, worse, a cybersecurity breach. You don’t need to trudge through the rough conditions by yourself, just let us help clear a path.

At SkyTerra, our focus is empowering companies to do more with their technology, break free of legacy systems that are holding them back and navigate toward growth.

Get Your Technology In Line

With many data center modernization providers, you’re typically stuck with a few vendors that they offer everyone. Not with SkyTerra. We work with you to strategically select vendors and technology providers that work best for your business. This tailored approach creates streamlined solutions that put every dollar of your technology investment to work for your business.


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