Data Center Modernization

Leverage the rewards of technology in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment.

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We know how you feel; understanding and managing your IT infrastructure isn’t as simple as it once was. You need a trusted advisor who listens to your technical needs, challenges, and objectives yet understands and considers the overall critical business role they play toward the development and continuation of a successful organization. We work with you to find the data center modernization solutions addressing all these points – whether in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid structure. As an experienced data center modernization company, we consistently handle each and every project with a high caliber team of technical resources, a vigilant scrutinization of your security posture, and a dependable project management practice so your data center can be as secure and efficient as possible.

Benefits of SkyTerra's Data Center Modernization Services


Azure Cloud


• Leverage the versatile integration Azure offers and better unify your underlying critical infrastructure.

• Gain the ability to predict costs in direct proportion to usage.

• Achieve flexible scalability and higher availability in your IT infrastructure with grow-as-you-go enablement.

• Acquire more role-based control and monitoring of your environment for improved security and transparency.


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• Benefit from select cloud features, yet retain a portion of your infrastructure on premises to meet your organization's internal obligations, such as those defined by compliance requirements.

• Achieve a gradual move to a cloud environment and gain the ability to extend the life of previous infrastructure investments and/or finish-out prior maintenance agreements.


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Backup and Disaster Recovery


• Fortify your infrastructure with a defined, developed and tested comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan, thereby mitigating business disruption.

• Establish a comfortable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and/or improve your existing RPO, as well as reduce your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

• Reduce infrastructure risks by leveraging SkyTerra's monitoring and management services to proactively monitor your environment, pre-emptively informing you of possible interruptions.

• Limit the burden on internal teams to acquire and maintain a high-level of technological acumen for backup and disaster recovery solutions and processes, providing them with the ability to focus more on their core responsibilities.

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