Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps For Business Automation

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service (SaaS) that assists with scheduling, automating, and orchestrating tasks as well as business processes, and workflows when you need to integrate applications, data, systems, and services across business processes, cloud platforms, enterprises or organizations. 

What Are the Benefits of Azure Logic Apps?

Simplifying how you design and build scalable solutions is easy with Azure Logic Apps. You can design and build solutions for app, data, and system integration as well as enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) communication, whether in the cloud, on premises, or both. It is easy to debug and troubleshoot using the Trigger and Run History tools. Plus, you can enable private endpoints and control network access. Azure Logic Apps help you organize tasks and mitigate your workload by automating repetitive processes and tasks. 

Workload Examples You Can Automate with Logic Apps

  • Processing and routing orders across on-site systems and cloud services like business workflows and ticketing.
  • Sending email notifications with Office 365 when events happen in various systems, apps, and services, including security, compliance and auditing. 
  • Moving, copying, and migrating files from one source location on-site or the cloud to another location securely and scheduled if needed. 
  • Monitoring news for a specific subject, analyze the sentiment, and create alerts or tasks for items that need review.

The great thing about Logic Apps is that you don’t have to be a Code Guru to get it to meet your needs. But if you are, there is no language you can’t use –Angular, Json, Powershell, the list goes on- to code and develop. 

Ready to Implement Automation with Azure Logic Apps?

So you’ve found Azure Logic Apps, the solution to exactly what your business has been missing. With Skyterra’s guidance, you’ll realize that finding the solution was the hardest part of the process. As a managed service provider, Skyterra is experienced in deploying new applications and software that will make your business run smoother. Trust us to guide you through implementation and train you and your team on how to use your new software efficiently. Book a meeting with us today to discuss your business IT needs. 

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