Streamlining Your Remote Experience: Azure Virtual Desktop

The definition of working has changed dramatically the last couple years with the global pandemic. Working from home became our new normal, and has stuck around as businesses decide how to manage their employees (and their IT services). The transition has been difficult for some, and the technological issues have been far from easy. For hybrid employees,  a seamless and safe virtual desktop is necessary for success. The Azure Virtual Desktop offers these functionalities and more.

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

We have all heard of the term “desktop” before, but something more recent in the world of technology is the access of your desktop software, saved documents and applications on any kind of endpoint device. This includes laptops, tablets and even smartphones. The virtual desktop is meant to feel like a physical workstation, and allows for convenience with just a simple login to a device of your choosing. This workstation is a better alternative because of powerful resources, such as storage and back-end databases being readily available on any device. 

Streamlining Your Workforce

Virtual desktops are incredibly convenient and create a seamless way to connect from anywhere and everywhere. However, this poses the problem of cyber security issues and possible complications for those who may not be as technologically savvy. Luckily, Microsoft has made this a smoother experience with Azure Virtual Desktop. Windows 10 and Windows 11 can now be delivered securely and easily through the Azure Virtual Desktop application on Mac, iOS or Android devices. 

When Would Azure Virtual Desktop Be Useful?

If your company does not provide individual laptops for every employee, installing Azure would allow team members to use their own personal device that is familiar and would eliminate the  cost of buying these devices. In addition, onboarding seasonal workers and temporary employees who might not have a permanent desk or office would be made easier. Azure is also useful for those used to the Windows environment and are not acclimated to new software easily.  And lastly, in terms of security risk, Azure’s built-in intelligent security helps mitigate possible issues. 

Discover More About Azure with Skyterra 

Grasping the task of setting up a new desktop process can be confusing when navigating remote working. Skyterra understands that adding this to your plate is unnecessary and wants to help you streamline the move from a physical desktop computer to a desktop you can access anywhere and on any device. Let’s work together to alleviate headaches and get the most out of your IT systems. Contact us to learn more about our expertise and  Book a meeting so we can give you a customized solution. 

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