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Karen Rhinehart, Fenimore Asset Management’s System Engineering Manager, came to us after learning about some of the possibilities available to companies that move to a cloud provider. As an investment advisor managing their own funds as well as managing the portfolios of individual investors, Fenimore puts security and continuity of service top of the priority list. Karen serves as the only IT representative in the company, and as her CFO puts it, is responsible for “anything that runs.”

Her hesitation to adopt a new business process was understandable. After completing their first business unit migration, her team quickly prioritized converting the rest of the company with SkyTerra. SkyTerra not only helped with technical architecture, but with user adoption as well. By Spring 2020, Fenimore will be 100% in the cloud, including phones.

“SkyTerra is one of the only companies I know that has built bottlenecks into the timeline.  Our whole project of moving our infrastructure to the cloud including security and access lasted about a month and a half.  To this day, if I ever have any problems, I get call back almost immediately even though we’re not Managed Services clients [editor’s note: YET]”.  SkyTerra makes us feel valued.”

The Process

Every IT director knows that working with vendors can be frustrating. Oftentimes the scope of the project changes, the time frame needs to be adjusted or unanticipated problems arise that cause headaches and frustration. Our priority is to eliminate this stress and ensure that every one of our customer’s experiences exceeds their expectations.

Primary Outcomes

Everyone has activated their disaster recovery plans in the past few weeks.  Regardless of how formal the process was, businesses of all sizes have put them to the test.  Our customers who are fully functioning in a cloud provider count themselves among the lucky ones.  Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to run business processes regardless of where their employees work.  Switching to the remote environment for these companies was seamless.
“We will be utilizing the cloud for every application even when everything goes back to normal.  Our disaster recovery plan is completely different than it was even last year.  Everything has completely changed. It’s all in the cloud now.  The need to be location specific isn’t necessary anymore.”

Working With SkyTerra

At SkyTerra, we do only what we do best, so that our customers can do what they do best.

“The technician and engineer that you meet at the beginning are yours during the whole project, then they bring in people when needed.  SkyTerra wants you to succeed just as much as you do.”

Products & Services Utilized by Fenimore Asset Management

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Project Management Team

Over the past nearly 50 years, Fenimore Asset Management has grown into a nationally recognized investment advisor to FAM Funds but has remained locally rooted and proud to be independently owned. They adhere to their time-tested investment research process, focus on protecting capital and building wealth over the long term, and provide high-touch, personalized service with transparency

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