Why SMBs Need a Cloud Security Company

Why SMBs Need a Cloud Security Company - SkyTerra

The global damage caused by cybercrime is skyrocketing, with an average of $11 million per minute, equivalent to $190,000 every second. For SMBs without a cloud security company, the impact of a data breach can be devastating, with a majority of these companies closing their doors within six months due to the financial burden. 

The costs associated with falling victim to a cyberattack include business loss, downtime, productivity losses, customer data reparation costs and more.

While investing in cybersecurity is crucial, it’s essential to address the common cybersecurity mistakes often made by companies and their employees. According to the 2021 Sophos Threat Report, “everyday threats” pose some of the most dangerous risks. Neglecting basic security hygiene can be the root cause of these damaging attacks.

At SkyTerra, we understand the unique challenges faced by SMBs in protecting their data and ensuring a secure cloud environment. As a cloud security company, we offer comprehensive cloud security services tailored specifically to the needs of SMBs. Here are some of the common missteps that we can help you avoid:

Not Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Credential theft is the leading cause of data breaches worldwide. With most business processes and data now stored in the cloud, login credentials hold the key to multiple types of attacks. 

Failing to protect user logins with MFA is a common mistake that significantly increases the risk of falling victim to a breach. By implementing MFA, fraudulent sign-in attempts can be reduced by an astounding 99.9 percent.

Ignoring the Use of Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to the use of unauthorized cloud applications by employees for business data. This practice leaves companies vulnerable to several risks, including the use of non-secure applications, data loss due to lack of backup strategies, compliance violations and the loss of data if an employee leaves. 

SkyTerra helps SMBs establish cloud use policies that outline approved applications, ensuring data security and compliance.

Thinking You’re Fine With Only an Antivirus Application

Relying solely on a basic antivirus application is not enough to protect your business from sophisticated threats. Today’s cyberattacks often evade traditional antivirus solutions, utilizing techniques like phishing emails and malicious links. 

Want a digital transformation

SkyTerra provides a multi-layered security strategy, incorporating next-gen anti-malware, next-gen firewalls, email and DNS filtering, automated application and cloud security company policies, and cloud access monitoring.

Not Having Device Management in Place

As remote work becomes the norm, proper device management for both employee-owned and company-owned devices is critical. Without proper security measures in place, businesses face an increased risk of data breaches. SkyTerra offers device management solutions, such as Microsoft 365’s Intune, to ensure comprehensive security and data access management for all endpoints.

Not Providing Adequate Training to Employees

Human error accounts for a staggering 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches. SMBs often overlook the importance of ongoing employee training in fostering a culture of good cybersecurity practices. 

When you begin working with SkyTerra, you gain customized IT security awareness training throughout the year, empowering your workforce to identify phishing attacks and follow proper data handling procedures. Our training methods include short videos, IT security posters, webinars, team training sessions and cybersecurity tips in company newsletters.

A Cloud Security Company Is Your Best Choice

Don’t remain in the dark about your IT security vulnerabilities. Partner with SkyTerra for a comprehensive cybersecurity audit to identify and fortify vulnerabilities, reducing your risk exposure. Our experts will ensure that your SMB’s cybersecurity posture remains robust and up to date.

SMBs need a reliable and experienced cloud security company like SkyTerra to enhance their cybersecurity. By addressing common cybersecurity mistakes and implementing proactive measures, SMBs can safeguard their data, protect their customers and ensure the longevity of their business.

Contact us or book a meeting today and secure your digital future.

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