Clouds in the Forecast: Top 4 Cloud Storage Trends

Top 4 Cloud Storage Trends

While it may not be as flashy as cloud-based software, cloud storage is rising in popularity and evolving: The industry is making storing data in the cloud even more simple, reliable and secure. With the “work from anywhere” approach here to stay, the cloud needs to be accessed by everyone no matter where they are. In fact, in 2021, half of all company data was stored in the cloud. This monumental shift highlights the need to stay on top of cloud storage trends. Here are four to keep an eye on:

Built-In Ransomware Defenses

Ransomware that infects a cloud storage platform makes information indecipherable to the individuals who need it. To say ransomware is widespread would be an understatement: A recent survey of CISOs found that 98 percent of organizations suffer a cloud data breach. To combat ransomware’s effects, cloud services have been offering ransomware recovery protection, which creates an advanced safeguard against files being encrypted by malware. Another added feature is the copying of files and storing them for restoration. With the chances of being impacted by ransomware high, the sense of security with new defenses is a key trend for cloud storage services.

Moving to “The Edge”

You might hear the term “edge” or “edge computing” being thrown around with cloud storage. The concept involves bringing data applications and storage resources geographically closer to users who need to connect to them. Otherwise, when data has to travel long distances, it can become difficult to deliver the best user experience quickly and economically.

The need for speed, especially with the increase in remote working, is pushing cloud storage to an edge computing model. Users benefit from better reliability and a faster response time when entering or searching for files. The key is providing service from one of the company’s cloud servers that is nearer to your location. With more businesses having sites spread across the globe, it is important to discuss service location when signing up for cloud storage.

Expect More Help From AI And Machine Learning

It is no secret that AI and machine learning are entering every avenue of technology. We even have systems within our phone that recognize our face when signing in or voice assistants that find answers to questions for us. AI will become more widespread within cloud storage this year. Files will be automatically sorted based on cloud storage patterns of your own usage and your company’s usage. AI will ingest data and will manage data retention easier, to make actions more automatic. This trend will help eliminate manual or repetitive tasks, freeing you up for more important work and boosting productivity.

More Cloud Options From Names You Know

Legacy companies in the industry of cloud storage will begin to provide more options, with the goal of improving the cloud and its functionality. The drawback? Having more options to choose from can muddy the waters when it comes time to make decisions. You may need guidance to understand what will work for you. Doing some research to assess the new offerings and relying on professionals, like our SkyTerra team, will help you be successful.

Help With Deciphering Cloud Storage Trends

Cloud storage is complicated, and can be a major headache when it comes to running a business. We are here to help, and want to maximize the quality of your cloud services. Find more information on how we can be your cloud partner and contact us with your questions. We’re happy to help.

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