IT (Information Technology) Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated, Does IT?

Why does IT (Information Technology for those new kids) need to be so complicated? How many times have you asked (or been asked) this question?  You’re sitting at work, it’s 7:23pm on a Tuesday, and you’re struggling to find an answer.

For years this was me. Countless nights trying to reconcile “why”. Why do I need so many servers? Why do I own so much software? Why is this stuff so incredibly expensive? And then it hit me. I’m asking the wrong questions.  It’s not why.  It’s how. How wisely am I spending my IT dollars? How am I utilizing my valuable technical resources? How is my IT expenditure helping the business accomplish its goals? Because at the end of the day isn’t that my job; to make the business work?

SkyTerra Technologies answers that question “why does IT need to be so complicated”. The answer, of course, is it doesn’t! IT should be simple. IT should provide your business with the tools it needs to be efficient. IT should not be a burden on your organization, but rather an asset.

We are here to be that asset. At SkyTerra Technologies, we provide sound IT solutions to your business challenges. We focus on people, process, and technology. We’re making IT simple so you can focus on what matters – Your business.

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Darren Schriever

Darren oversees the Modern Data Center efforts at SkyTerra Technologies, as well as the company’s technology infrastructure.