Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud

Microsoft 365 security

Many companies have switched to hybrid workplace models and therefore rely on cloud-based platforms to access and operate their business remotely. Microsoft 365 is a frontrunner in this area, providing small businesses to large corporations with best-in-class productivity apps and tools. What makes Microsoft 365 so evolved is that on top of productivity apps, it provides its customers with world-class security at a monthly rate that doesn’t make your pockets hurt. 

Cyber security threats and breaches on businesses and organizations have significantly increased in the past few years. With Microsoft 365 security, your data, devices and passwords are protected. Microsoft 365 security has three main priorities:

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Rest easy knowing your security is always up to date and automatically detects and defends against cyber threats. Microsoft is constantly analyzing trillions of signals: When it detects a threat anywhere in the world, it updates its network to ensure the security software can protect your business from old and new malware.

It also helps prevent phishing attacks by scanning emails for any suspicious activity. Additionally, it implements multi-factor authentication to make it difficult for potential hackers to access your information. 

Protect Your Data

Along with its 3,500 security professionals working to protect its customers, Microsoft protects possible leaks of sensitive data with its built-in data loss prevention that can detect sensitive information in emails. Plus when sending emails, you have the ability to encrypt them with just one click to ensure only the intended recipient can access information. You can also control who has access to files using Information Protection.

Secure Your Devices

With Microsoft 365 security you can control what devices and users have access to business information at any given moment. You can control who has access to your data with Conditional Access by deciding which devices can access your business applications. You are able to apply security PINs or even fingerprints on iOS and Android devices. If a device gets lost or stolen, you have the ability to remotely wipe the business information on the device. 

Choose SkyTerra to Implement Microsoft 365 Security

SkyTerra Technologies is a proud Tier 1 Microsoft Gold partner. We have the experience and expertise to not only implement Microsoft 365 into your business but also to manage it and its security. 

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