Mimecast Review: A Complete Set for Cybersecurity

Mimecast Review A Complete Set for Cybersecurity

As cyber threats become more advanced in the digital age, companies need a multi-dimensional strategy to protect their organizations. Mimecast provides a set of products that offer unmatched email and collaboration security, changing security from passive to active. As an added layer, Mimecast’s set of tools can also work together with Microsoft Sentinel to create a secure environment at the gateway level.

Mimecast Review: Set of Products

  • Advanced Email Security: The main product of Mimecast’s offerings is its Advanced Email security, which protects against complex email attacks using AI-powered detection methods. It’s designed to keep up with threats and ensure your organization’s email is a barrier against cyber intrusions. Ultimately, this tool keeps bad mail from getting into your organization.
  • DMARC Analyzer: Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer adds another layer of brand protection by stopping unauthenticated parties from sending mail from your domain. DMARC secures future email deliverability and reduces getting on spam deny lists. It also works with Advanced Email security to give you full insight and control over who sends emails in the name of your organization.  
  • Cybergraph: Cybergraph is Mimecast’s solution to identity-based attacks. It uses AI to map the connections between senders and recipients, providing real-time alerts and improving the ability to detect anomalies that could signal a threat.
  • Brand Protect: Mimecast’s Brand Protect is a managed service that extends beyond email to protect against impersonation and fraud across the web. It identifies attacks that abuse your brand to protect your reputation and your customers. This extra layer specifically protects organizations that rely on customer login or interactive service pages.

Integration With Microsoft Sentinel

The integration of Mimecast with Microsoft Sentinel allows for a smooth transfer of security information. Microsoft Sentinel’s SIEM capabilities along with Mimecast’s set create a watchful and responsive security posture. This collaboration ensures that threats are not only recognized but also handled and eliminated effectively, maintaining the security of your digital gateway.

Mimecast vs Proofpoint

Although there are other technologies in the market, such as Proofpoint, Barracuda and Cisco, Mimecast’s complete set offers unique benefits and was fully developed in the cloud. Its unified management console and the range of its security services distinguish it, providing a simple and powerful defense method against a variety of threats. Engagement with a Microsoft Partner to fully utilize the power of Mimecast’s set and working with a skilled Microsoft partner is suggested. These partners have expertise in implementing Mimecast solutions and integrating them with Microsoft Sentinel, ensuring a high-quality security solution customized to your organization’s needs.

Mimecast Review and 14-Day Free Trial

Mimecast’s set of products, with an option to integrate with Microsoft Sentinel, offers a strong security solution that is both comprehensive and flexible. IT managers are encouraged to work with a Microsoft partner to explore how Mimecast can strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. For further exploration or to start your free trial, contact SkyTerra Technologies to secure your organization’s digital gateway.

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