Managed Service Provider vs. Cybersecurity Consultant

Managed service provider vs. cybersecurity consultant

When it comes to cybersecurity, one size definitely does not fit all. Comparing providers can feel like comparing apples to oranges, or lemons to limes or grapes to… well, you get the point. Cybersecurity can be confusing and it’s difficult to know where to turn for help. There are many companies and different types of software tools available that claim to have the answer, but to avoid risk as a business owner, you need expert advice. In truth, a cybersecurity consultant or managed service provider (MSP) are both good for your business but how do you choose? 

The first thing to recognize is that achieving cybersecurity for your business entails far more than testing for vulnerabilities or installing software. 

Can a Cybersecurity Consultant Really Help My Business?

With risks and tactics changing quickly, it’s hard to know how to defend your business. True cybersecurity can only come from end-to-end technology monitoring and management. Third-party IT companies traditionally fall under two main categories: cybersecurity consultant and managed service provider. Cybersecurity is one part of the larger information technology umbrella. A cybersecurity company offers IT security without the larger suite of IT support traditionally provided by a managed service provider (MSP).

To ensure your business is proactive and has the infrastructure to quickly adjust to any change, a cybersecurity consultant provides your business with the following:

  • Proactive protection for your email, servers and endpoints
  • Simple and scalable security management
  • Fast recovery strategies to bounce back from any attack
  • Deep cybersecurity expertise to give you peace of mind

The goal of a cybersecurity consultant is to provide you with nothing short of full protection for your data and assets. But what about support for your entire organization, not just your technology?

If Cybersecurity Protects My Assets, Why Do I Need an MSP?

It’s all about the holistic approach. Sure, a couple of painkillers can alleviate a headache but that’s only temporary right? What do you do when the headache returns? Do you keep treating the symptoms or do you find out why the headaches are happening so that you can reach a permanent resolution? A managed service provider offers the protection of cybersecurity along with comprehensive infrastructure management that includes up-to-date software, IT support and end-to-end solutions that offer 24/7 data monitoring and security awareness training.

Unless you have a large inhouse IT department that can make the changes needed to improve your IT infrastructure, you may find it difficult to take the actions needed for meaningful, long-term and sustained cybersecurity. Managed IT services provide the type of infrastructure expertise needed for any modern business to grow and digitally transform with:

  • Simplified and streamlined technology
  • More control over costs and operations
  • IT support services
  • Fast response times
  • End-to-end monitoring
  • Improved cybersecurity
  • Security awareness training
  • And much more…

Looking for a Cybersecurity Consultant? 

Consider this as you search: Many managed service providers have a one-size-fits-all approach to technology, selecting the same partner services for every business. Others offer cookie-cutter packages with services you don’t need. At SkyTerra, we take a tailored approach, strategically selecting the right vendor to meet the needs of each business and creating streamlined and customized solutions that put every dollar of your technology investment to work for your business. Contact us or book a meeting today to secure, simplify and scale your business.

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