What is a cyber security managed service provider?

SkyTerra What is a Cyber Security Managed Service Provider

A cyber security managed service provider provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. It is also called a managed cybersecurity provider or MSSP. It differs from a CSSP because the security services are provided as part of end-to-end IT coverage, including:

  1. Monitoring your system and supporting your team 24/7/365
  2. Making sure your infrastructure is secure by searching for risks/gaps and identifying other vulnerabilities
  3. Closing any gaps and providing recommendations to implement specific security and productivity improvements
  4. Proactively responding to attacks, usually blocking them before they breach your system
  5. Provide ongoing training for the number one weakest link (your staff) in any security chain

Cyber security managed service providers package these into a flat rate monthly fee allowing you to plan your company’s technology needs in a faster and better way.