What is DaaS and Why Do I Need It?

What Is DaaS and Why Do I Need It?

If you work with an IT services provider, they may have brought up DaaS. So what is it? Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a cloud computing offering that allows a service provider to deliver virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device via the internet. It comes as a per-user subscription and the licensed provider takes care of the backend management for small businesses they’re partnered with. Oftentimes, small businesses find that creating their own virtual desktop infrastructure can be too expensive and time-consuming , making DaaS the perfect solution. 

Advantages of DaaS

Now that we’ve answered the “what is DaaS?” question, you may be wondering how it can benefit you. Some advantages of desktop as a service include:

  • Downtime is reduced for IT support because they can provide remote support to your team.
  • DaaS can run on several different devices, giving your employees flexibility with bringing their own devices to the office, or going mobile. 
  • Security is heightened, as data is stored in the data center with DaaS. If a device is lost or stolen it can be easily removed from the service. Security updates are also easily installed to all devices at once. 
  • The reduced amount of computing power to run DaaS also reduces cost and expenses. 

How Does DaaS Work?

With Desktop as a service, the cloud services provider manages and hosts the infrastructure, network resources and storage in the cloud and they stream a virtual desktop to your team’s devices, accessible through the internet. Small businesses access the virtual desktop by purchasing as many as they need. Recent updates and advancements have also made streaming certain graphics on the virtual desktop easier and clearer. 

Ready to Implement Desktop as a Service?

The benefits are clear: simplified management, reduced cost and downtime and more flexibility. Get a cost-effective management solution for your business and take tedious IT tasks off your plate. At SkyTerra, we are experienced in integrating a comprehensive list of software into small and medium-sized businesses to help operations run smoother. Book a meeting with us today and get organized.

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