Why Working in the Cloud is the New Norm

Although the first part of our name is “Sky,” we actually have a physical office location: two of them, to be exact. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our work environment had to shift home starting in the spring of 2020. After more than a year of tragic loss and unforeseen triumphs, some businesses are returning to the office this summer, while others are continuing to work from home; perhaps for the long haul. Here, we explain why the future of work is cloud-based aka remote by design. Gone is the mentality of remote by necessity- as evidenced by Microsoft’s release of Windows 365 Cloud PC

Why Are Some Businesses Staying Remote? 

Productivity soared for many companies when employees were forced to work from home. People were quick to realize that remote work saved them time by eliminating the need to commute, and it also gave them the flexibility to work at their prime times throughout the week. These advantages did not go unnoticed by executives, either.  

With sharing platforms, there is easy access to files and open communication among coworkers, debunking myths about the complications of remote work. Here at SkyTerra, we’ve known the benefits of online communication since before the pandemic; we use MS Teams to share documents, video conference with one another, collaborate on projects and more. Some workers aren’t ready to go back to sacrificing the time and money they spend on their commute to the office. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that many companies are opting to keep a remote structure even as pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

Benefits of Working in the Cloud 

Managers and executives have had to re-think their business model with the shift to remote and hybrid work. While there are benefits to staying remote, communication gaps are noticeable for some businesses. Technology solutions are missing. We understand that tech problems are nightmare material for businesses. That’s why we encourage teams to turn to the cloud. By working in the cloud, you can: 

  • Enable greater speed and transparency
  • Forecast expenses accurately
  • Tie infrastructure systems together
  • Gain more control of your environment

Remote by Design 

Cloud solutions are a must for both remote companies and those with a limited physical office presence. Long gone are the days of expensive equipment at risk for physical damage and break-ins; data storage, file sharing and communication can all be done securely through the cloud. Migration doesn’t have to be a pain, and cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a worry. SkyTerra has the solution with our Azure and hybrid cloud consulting services. 

Here at SkyTerra, we worked remotely for a year, from the spring of 2020 to 2021. Our co-founder Dan Bergeron’s tip for heading back to the office is a slow transition. In June 2021, our employees were invited back to work in the office for a day. It was a great experience to see in-person collaboration. Now most of our team is back in the office, but our cloud solutions make it easy for employees to work remotely as well. 

Whether your employees are continuing to work from home, transitioning to a hybrid model or all coming back to the office, you need a trusted managed IT provider. If you’re ready to be fast, agile and secure, book a time to talk with our IT pros. 

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Dan Bergeron

Dan spearheads the company’s business development initiatives, operations, and vision for a client-first centric culture of excellence.