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Yealink Conference Room Systems

As businesses are beginning to migrate back into the office, the need for functional conference rooms is becoming more apparent. Organization of meetings and telecommunication are at the top of the list for functional and efficient conference rooms. The Yealink conference room system is designed to create the ideal conference room configuration. 

Full-Featured Desk Phones

Yealink is a Microsoft Teams partner, so products like their smart desk phones are compatible with your Microsoft Teams workspace. Although you can utilize Microsoft Teams Voice with your own smartphone or computer, Yealink also serves customers looking for a traditional desk phone. Some of the models we recommend are the MP54, MP56 and the VP58. Here;s a brief overview of these phones: 

  • MP54: Priced at approximately $219, this phone is typically used in common areas or hoteling seating scenarios. It has a 4-inch touchscreen, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity via an optional dongle. 
  • MP56: This phone is about $259, and is the most popular phone amongst our clients. It includes a 7-inch touchscreen and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • MP58: This upscale phone is about $356, and is more commonly used by executives. It includes a convenient Bluetooth feature that allows you to leave your desk and a 7-inch touchscreen.

All three of these phones have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button and Yealink Noise Proof Technology. They all support Office 365.

Focus on Headsets 

With more people coming back into the office, the noise levels will continue to rise, making it hard to stay productive. Using a headset when on calls with important clients is a great way to block out the noise. Yealink offers a few different options for headsets. Some are over-ear and some are in-ear. All of the headsets feature a mic-boom that can be adjusted. When raised within 30 degrees, it automatically mutes, so you can have private conversations quickly and efficiently. The headsets hold 14 hours of charge and can be used within 500 feet wirelessly. Costs range from about $200 to $340. 

  • WH62 Over Ear: Priced at approximately $199 per device.
  • WH66 Over Ear: At approximately $339 per device, this headset is an all-in-one workstation featuring a wireless charging station, 4-inch multi-touch console and a USB hub. 
  • WH63 In Ear: This headset is priced at approximately $199 per device. 
  • WH67 In Ear: This device, which costs about $299, is an all-in-one workstation featuring a wireless charging station, 4-inch multi-touch console and a USB hub.

Conference Room Systems That Fit

There are many different features to a collaborative conference room systems like desk phones, speaker phones, conference phones, video phones, USB room cameras and more. The Yealink conference room system is integrated into Microsoft Teams Business Voice. There are a few options that we recommend based on the size of your conference room and how many users will typically be in the room. 

For small conference rooms, we recommend the MVC 400. This system includes the Yealink UVC40 video bar camera, the MTouch II touch panel and Yealink MCore mini PC. The UVC video bar is an all-in-one device with a camera, speaker and microphone. It has a USB connection to the mini PC and connects to the touch panel via a standard network cable. 

For small to medium sized conference rooms we recommend the MVC640. It includes the MCore mini PC, UVC84 4K camera, MSpeech speakerphone and a touch panel. The MCore mini PC can be mounted anywhere in the room. With this Yealink conference room system, users can choose to share their screen wirelessly or wired. 

For large conference rooms, we recommend the MVC840 and the MVC940 for extra large conference rooms that will need to support up to nine cameras. The MVC840 includes the Mcore mini-PC, touch panel, UVC84 4K camera, VCM34 and MSpeaker II audio system. The UVC84 4K camera is able to frame everyone in the room into view and the VCM34 has a 20-foot and 360-degree range so it can pick up voices from virtually anywhere in the room. 

Yealink also offers a conference room panel that enables you to book and manage your meeting spaces efficiently. It is an 8-inch touchscreen integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 that displays meeting details and availability for that conference room so you can on-the-fly book the room from the panel. 

All of these devices will connect your computer to the system through an HDMI cable or a wireless dongle. Although these dongles work great, they do tend to need to be replaced or changed to an HDMI cable. 

Integrating a Yealink Conference Room System

If you’re ready for a better conferencing solution for your team, contact us to learn more. We can provide for seamless collaboration for conference rooms of all sizes.  

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