Automate Business Processes: A Case Study on Automating Policies and Procedures

Automating business processes can increase efficiency and time savings. Recently, SkyTerra worked with a large, private real estate company to help them automate business processes. Read on to learn how SkyTerra was able to help the company get more done.


A large, private real estate company that had turned to SkyTerra for IT help in the past needed a way to automate their business processes, while still keeping them in compliance with federal and local policies. The company’s existing procedure consisted of tracking policy by policy in a spreadsheet on an annual basis. This process created a lot of unnecessary work, and introduced a lot of room for errors, like missing important steps or information.


SkyTerra’s solution was to run a “flow” every night to check the age of the policy and procedure. For all of the policies and procedures that were going to age out in a month, one week and one day, an email would be sent to the owner for them to review it. The owner would be able to change the policy and procedure, send it for review, and if it was approved, publish it to the company and update the age date for one year out. 


SkyTerra’s solution gave the real estate company the ability to stagger approval processes and the number of items they had to review. Since launching the new solution, the company has saved a tremendous amount of time: The new processes take just 10 percent of the time required by the original process. Tracking capabilities were improved so changes and approval workflow are now able to be tracked back to the user. The gap for human error was closed, too, giving company leadership and employees greater peace of mind.  

Looking to Automate Business Processes? 

Where could you open new avenues for growth and decrease risk of errors? At SkyTerra, we have a significant amount of experience in automating processes and procedures especially for compliance with policies. Streamline your operations with SkyTerra’s managed IT services. Book a meeting with us today to discuss your IT needs.

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