Top 5 Hallmarks of Proactive IT Management

When choosing an IT partner, it’s important to pick one that will operate on a proactive mindset rather than on a need-only basis. IT MSPs that go out of their way to protect, secure and manage your IT needs are considered proactive. But how can you tell an IT company will provide proactive IT management before you hire them and see them in action? Here are five hallmarks of proactive IT management that you can ask your IT partner if they offer. 

Addressing Previous IT Issues

If you haven’t worked with an IT partner before, it’s likely you’ve dealt with your fair share of IT issues on your own in the past. A proactive partner will want to discuss your IT issue history with you so they identify things they know they’ll have to find a solution for right out of the gate. 

Easy and Quick Access

Most IT teams don’t work in a set physical location nowadays. IT support teams are often working remotely so it’s important that the IT support network you choose allows your IT team to access your systems remotely so they can manage and troubleshoot issues without being at the physical site. Remote access also allows your IT support to take instant action in case of an emergency or issue. 

Tight Security

The core of proactive IT management is tight and robust security. This will lower the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks that could become a major setback for your business’s future. Your IT partner should help develop a comprehensive business continuity and data backup plan that is customized to your business and its needs.

Regular Maintenance

Not only should your IT partner be quick to troubleshoot issues that arise, but they should be completing regular maintenance. This includes periodic location visits to train your staff and check hardware and cabling. They should be monitoring your data and information as well as constantly looking for gaps or breaks in firewalls and cybersecurity solutions. 

24/7/365 Support

A proactive IT manager will be available to you 24/7/365 for support and troubleshooting. They should know how crucial it is to have reliable IT support because IT issues can slow down or even bring your business to a complete halt. Proactive IT support includes real people responding to and resolving your issues and not just automated messages. 

Choose SkyTerra for Proactive IT Management

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