Microsoft Azure Resilient Infrastructure

Resilient infrastructure enables cost-effective, secure and simple solutions for cloud storage initiatives that are compliant with the best practices in the industry. Microsoft Azure resilient infrastructure provides all of the above and is a dependable recovery system you can count on. 

Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to experience cyberattacks or employee errors that result in lost data. The Azure infrastructure provides a solution to retrieve this data that is dependable and is cooperative with all structured and unstructured data, including files, folders and disks.

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure?

Cost- effectiveness:

  • Azure is an automatic storage management system that allows you to only pay for what you use while staying on top of data growth with climbable cloud storage.  
  • Moving to the cloud lets your business save the extra money spent on deploying, monitoring, patching and maintaining redundant servers. 
  • There is no need to pay for a security system on top of Azure, because it is included in the program. 


  • Sharing your data is on your terms. This means how it is tracked and managed is under your own control. You maintain ownership. 
  • Recover your data and workloads  in one click with the Azure backup feature. 
  • Reduce your physical footprint by managing your own infrastructure and keeping it in the cloud, and stop worrying about losing your businesses property due to a breach. 


  • Azure will be the only purchase necessary. It is a single solution, so there are no other needs for add-on products. 
  • The setup is effortless and can even be managed remotely, making it accessible for hybrid workers. 
  • Assistance through the entire process will be available at all times. The implementation is never handled alone. 

Take the Next Steps With Azure Resilient Infrastructure

Your system may be working for now, but shifting to the cloud can smooth out your businesses bumps in the road, especially with the workforce becoming hybrid. Microsoft Azure can give your business a leg up by having security from the ground up with more compliance certifications than any other provider. SkyTerra technologies can be a partner in your business-changing software, while keeping you informed along the way. Contact us to learn more about our expertise and book a meeting so we can answer your questions about Microsoft Azure integration. 

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