What Having a Microsoft Enterprise Partner Means for Your Business

Microsoft Enterprise Partner

Just like in the Olympics when athletes participate in games to take home the gold, professional cloud managed service providers remain ever vigilant in their efforts to stay ahead of technology and be the best-in-field for their clients. A Microsoft enterprise partner is a vendor with deep knowledge and expertise in a designated solution area or field that meets customer demand and provides opportunities to scale and grow. So what does this mean for you?

Whether you’re a small to midsize business or an enterprise, your vendor or managed service provider (MSP) should be able to identify solutions specifically for your company based on your unique needs and goals. With the global reach, strategic investments and technology stack that come from Microsoft, partners are able to create and sell differentiated products and end-to-end solutions for their customers in any scenario and every industry. Having a Microsoft enterprise partner means having a vendor that sets themselves apart from the competition in key designated areas critical to your business. What are some of these key designated areas?

Why Choose a Microsoft Enterprise Partner?

If you’re looking to integrate Microsoft solutions into your business processes, working with a certified Microsoft enterprise partner is your best bet at getting the most value for your money. Here are three top reasons why:

  1. Our Focus Is on Your Needs
    Enterprise partners have intimate relationships with Microsoft. They have direct access to advanced support for Microsoft services and software. When issues arise, your enterprise partner represents your business to Microsoft, earning your business fast response times from Microsoft and prioritized customer care. With Microsoft being a leading cloud provider, your enterprise partner can invest heavily in escalated support so that you don’t have to do IT alone.
  2. Exclusive Access to the Latest Tech
    Microsoft enterprise partners have exclusive access to a wide variety of tools and licenses that can be used to demo or model digital enterprise solutions. Think of it as prototyping or testing a solution before fully implementing it. Demonstrating tangible solutions during IT planning allows you to sample an idea before putting it into action. Coming up with a proof of concept helps you visualize and optimize your digital transformation strategy prior to spending valuable company dollars on untested investments.
  3. High-level Expertise in IT and Cloud Computing Services
    With the breadth of the Microsoft technology stack, purpose-built partner offerings and extensive customer reach, the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program offers opportunities for its partners to quickly develop and sell competitive solutions to their customers around the globe. Partners can help grow the businesses of their clients at the scale of Microsoft in various markets and industries across the globe. Additionally, customers are provided with best-in-class solutions and services from enterprise partners. A Microsoft enterprise partner gets more out of Microsoft’s investments to keep their business and their clients’ business at the forefront of cloud innovation.

What Are the Benefits to Choosing SkyTerra?

SkyTerra is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and we work directly with Microsoft to package and support your cloud solutions in the way that best fits your business needs. A Microsoft CSP is far more than just a reseller of Microsoft Cloud products. A CSP needs to demonstrate technical expertise in Azure cloud solutions. When you purchase cloud services from SkyTerra, you are not just getting the product, but also the expertise and reliable support you need to ensure that product is best serving your business.

At SkyTerra, we strive to always offer our clients the best in technology and customer experience. We are customer-focused, not industry-focused, to serve you best. As such, we plan to continue earning Microsoft competencies and advanced specializations to ensure you receive the highest level of quality and expertise throughout your ongoing partnership with us. Here’s an inside look at what you can expect from one of Microsoft’s top 75 CSP providers in the country and the largest Microsoft Cloud provider in the Northeast:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization: Allows Microsoft partners with an active Gold Cloud Platform competency to further differentiate their organizations, validate their capabilities and build stronger connections with customers.
  • Modernize endpoints advanced specialization: Organizations need to be able to manage and enable secure access to corporate resources across mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints in a remote or hybrid environment. Microsoft partners that earn this advanced specialization are able to provide secure operating systems, endpoint management solutions and collaborative applications accessible from anywhere.

Contact us or schedule an in-person consultation and learn how our specialized knowledge in Microsoft products are used to advance your technology and optimize the security of your business.

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