Using Digital Transformation Automation for Scalable Solutions

Is your team struggling with productivity? Do you waste your precious working hours doing repetitive tasks? Digital transformation automation can optimize your operations, empower your employees and provide you with more opportunities to engage with customers.

There are repetitive, manual processes that can benefit from automation in every department, including:

  • HR 
  • IT 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Finance and accounting 

What Is Digital Transformation Automation?

Automation encompasses a field of game-changing tools to drive success for your business. Digital transformation automation is enabled through applications including PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI. The setup can include automatic records management, reminders and notifications. Each process and user interface is uniquely built out for each organization. Reporting from a convenient dashboard allows the end user to identify trends and forecasts.

Ultimately, digital transformation allows you to achieve a new level of agility, while meeting industry standards for data security, client privacy and compliance.

Automation in Action

Consider this scenario: Jane, an HR manager for a finance firm, finds onboarding to be a time-consuming  hassle. She has to:

  • Get new employees to sign off on policies
  • Ensure employees  watch the appropriate training videos
  • Set up first-day agendas
  • Coordinate with IT and procurement to fulfill each new employee’s technical needs

Now picture Jane using digital automation: She can automate assigning tasks, reminder emails and follow ups. Through the PowerBI dashboard, she can quickly see where new hires are in the onboarding process. She saves a ton of time now that she doesn’t have to manually onboard each new hire. This allows her to focus on other, more critical, HR responsibilities: a bonus for everyone on the team.

Benefits of Digital Transformation Automation

Automation increases productivity. It saves hours of work and creates a more responsive, secure environment. Moving to the cloud provides access to real-time contextual data. User work is trackable and audited for project managers. Digital technologies also provide employees with access to the right data in the right place to make quick and sound decisions. 

Automation allows you to derive intelligence from your data. The application features are built out to work in the way that’s best for you and your business. “One pane of glass” interactive dashboards provide real-time access to internal data, plus “self-service” features allow you to temporarily manipulate data in the best way for your specific project. The quick look and report is perfect for employees with a non-technical background or those who are crunched for time. Data integration has never been easier, no matter what legacy or outside system you may be pulling from.

Automation also helps optimize disparate applications. You can transfer accurate data across different systems. To reduce redundancy, integration of new applications can be set to be applied by default. Digital transformation decreases frustration among team members who have previously had to manage data individually or across different applications.

Ultimately, automation helps teams collaborate better. Microsoft tools enable workers to be more mobile, collaborative, innovative and intuitive. Plus, the solutions are scalable and ready to grow with your business.

These benefits, however, don’t necessarily have to come from a Microsoft product. The automation applications can connect into any third-party environment with an API, including CRMs and facility-based systems. Plus, thanks to the scalability of these solutions, you can update and activate new applications across your business in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Don’t Wait: Automate!

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