What Does a Managed IT Service Provider Do?

Managed IT Service Provider

A managed IT service provider is your one-stop-shop for all things IT. Every MSP (managed service provider) is unique when it comes to services offered, contract setup and quality of care. Our managed workplace services have solutions that run the gamut of tech issues. To help you understand what’s involved with tech support,  we’ve done a deep dive into our services and what you can expect from a managed IT service provider.

Managed IT Services

The crucial piece of managed services is that they are part of ongoing support. Your MSP is a partner you can call on for any tech problems. The MSP is also tasked with supporting your tech when there isn’t a pressing issue. There is no shortage of IT support services that can be included in a contract with an MSP. These include:

  • Cyber security protection and training
  • Identity and access management, including onboarding and offboarding
  • Network patching
  • Phishing monitoring and prevention
  • Handling your day-to-day support needs (managing tickets) 
  • Server maintenance
  • MS 365/Office suite support and cloud management services
  • Collaboration services
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Desktop as a service (DaaS)
  • Endpoint management
  • Infrastructure as a service (Azure environment)

The meaning of “ongoing support” varies by client. We are the only IT support for the majority of our clients; that means any support their team requests comes to us. Most small to medium-size businesses cannot afford to have a network expert, integration expert, database expert and cyber security expert on staff. That’s why leveraging an MSP is a great choice for them. We also partner with several larger clients with their own internal IT team. Oftentimes the team is overwhelmed with too many tasks and needs to strategically transfer some off their shoulders. Their version of ongoing support may just be one service, like endpoint patching. Regardless of what size the company, a managed IT service provider is your IT support away from the office.

End User Security

MSPs take the burden and responsibility of end user security out of your users’ hands, giving you the control needed to protect your business. Eliminating the need for manual security tasks greatly reduces the risk of human error thanks to automated processes for running security updates and patches on endpoints. MSPs will monitor endpoint access to approved applications and tools with an intuitive dashboard interface, providing customized control for your leadership team.

BOYD and Mobility

Bring your own device policies are spreading rapidly to many businesses across the globe. Along with their benefits for flexibility and cost reduction comes the potential for weak points. IT providers can help put the right security solutions and services in place.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Implementing a cloud desktop is insanely simple with an MSP managing the process. Today’s technology allows businesses to run a virtual computer from any modern web browser. Managed DaaS provides scalability with quick deployment of new computers when demand increases. Our DaaS services include monitoring the  Windows Virtual Desktop and Workspot Virtual Machine. Some MSPs, ourselves included, also offer desktop experience services. These provide control over the global desktop experience for your organization, governing what people may access or download.

Help Desk

Many managed services will provide  IT helpdesk support, allowing your staff to get back to focusing on core business needs rather than actively troubleshooting. Having one consistent process is the simple solution for your team when IT troubles arise.

Cybersecurity Services

When you choose an MSP, be sure to find one that believes in proactive monitoring for cybersecurity. It’s best to have a partner eliminate a security threat before your business even finds out about it. Your MSP should monitor your endpoints (both on-premise and in the cloud), data center and cloud environments. At SkyTerra, we set up network alerts based on certain thresholds, making cybersecurity unique to each client. We use “KnowBe4” security awareness training software to conduct employee testing and training. Empowering your team to protect your business data is just one way we proactively keep your business up and running.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT can increase stability and efficiency in your IT environment. A top managed IT service provider will work toward the same goals as your business. They will be a real partner for your company, not just a vendor. At SkyTerra, we take extra care to understand our clients’ environments. We also monitor where technology is heading and keep our clients up to date with the latest trends.

Professional Services

Professional services typically fall under the category of project-based work. With our flexibility, you can use our managed services and one-time project services. The majority of our professional services work is in the engineering industry.

What Sets SkyTerra Apart From Other Managed IT Service Providers

Other MSPs strictly adhere to their contract, even if you have a need that’s beyond its scope. We use “best effort” practices based on service requests. This means that no need is too large:  A request can be transferred into a project if we feel it requires more attention than a typical day-to-day request. It doesn’t matter if it’s beyond the scope of your contract; we don’t let a contract limit our support. As true IT leaders, we strategically plan the best solutions for your company and monitor the forefront of the tech world. Trust us to be true partners, not just a vendor. In short, SkyTerra goes above and beyond for our clients.

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