How do I find top IT managed service providers?

SkyTerra How do I find top managed IT services providers

IT managed service providers can range from large national firms to the guy down the block who does it in his garage. The trick is not in finding one but finding the perfect managed service provider for your company. 

Whether you are looking anywhere in the U.S. or anywhere in Canada, the right IT managed service providers for your company should:

  1. Monitor and support 24/7/365.
  2. React quickly to your “help” call. A fast and reasonable resolution time should be based on the level of impact the issue is having on your business. If they say, “We got your message and are working on it,” ask them how soon it will be resolved.
  3. Ask them about their customer satisfaction rating (CSAT). It should be high and be shown over several years. Get the client references which back up the rating.
  4. What is their experience with your unique business (industry, environment or requirements)? Can they back that up with client references?
  5. Are they willing and able to be on-site in your offices when needed? Do they schedule regular on-site visits to review equipment or train staff?
  6. What about the time terms of their contracts? Long-term contracts are not advisable. You should be able to cancel all or part of your services with them with 30 days’ notice. Ideally, you want a managed service provider who earns your business month after month, not locks you into a long-term contract.