Do I need cyber security assessment services?

SkyTerra do I need cyber security assessment services

Cyber security assessment services refer to any number of tests used to address any cyber security risks which might be on your infrastructure. The type of tests needed depend on your type of business, size of your company and your risk tolerance — but all are advantageous. Every business should conduct some level of cyber risk assessment.

Common cyber security assessment services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment. This test finds existing and potential weak spots throughout your network. It examines them for what might post a possible area for cybercriminals to exploit.
  • Penetration test. Cybersecurity experts (aka “white hat hackers) are hired to perform a simulated cyber attack on your business. Though rarely needed for most small businesses, it does identify risks. It is an involved and expensive test. 
  • Network audit and access review. Do you know exactly what is on your network and who has access to what? That’s what the network audit and access review reveals. It can find unauthorized software or hardware as well as performance or licensing issues. It looks at who has permissions to access and make changes to your network and who does but should not, which will prevent future issues.
  • Compliance audit. Compliance audits look both at what is happening inside your business as well as with any external partners or vendor relationships that impact your compliance. It assesses how well your company is obeying the compliance rules, regulations and laws that relate to your particular industry. It could be a niche for defense contractor requirements or as common as the PCI compliance required by any business that accepts credit card payments.