Intune MDM: How One Customer Sped Up Kiosk Configuration

Intune MDM manages your on- and off-premises devices, be it Windows or Mac. Setting the software up enables companies to easily configure security settings, implement anti-virus software and firewalls, deploy workforce applications and quickly onboard devices from anywhere. Learn more about how SkyTerra used Intune MDM to speed up the digital transformation efforts of one of our clients.


One of SkyTerra’s real estate MSP clients approached them with a specific project in mind. The client already had Intune configured, but wanted to set up kiosks across several different buildings. They wanted each kiosk to display only a few applications on the screen and lock down everything else. 

The number of endpoints ranged between 50 and 60 programmable kiosks. SkyTerra worked directly with IT managers and the client’s IT support team to come up with an effective solution.


SkyTerra has worked with Intune MDM configurations so often that they have developed a security baseline solution to roll out to clients, with tweaks and unique design challenges tackled as they happen for each case. During the three-phase approach, SkyTerra completed the iterative process within three to four weeks, quicker than their normal baseline of five to six weeks for projects like this one. 

SkyTerra developed standard policies for the client’s kiosks, documented the process and streamlined future device management projects. Going forward, all the client would need to do is enter a username and everything will be configured to the device according to the Intune MDM and AutoPilot policy.

Real Results with Intune MDM

With all the kiosks configured, SkyTerra saved the client an invaluable amount of time to the tune of seven to eight hours for each process, rebooting and adding updates. Now, the user just logs in and lets the software run to configure each new device. Seven to eight hours of time saved per device translates into 350 to 480 hours or up to 20 days worth of work.

Implementing Intune MDM makes application updates significantly easier. In addition, the documentation process provided to the client allows them to see how the project was designed and informs them how to roll out their own updates. 

How Will Intune MDM Streamline Your Device Management Processes?

With Intune MDM, there is virtually no setup time and you can deploy a number of  machines at once. If you’re setting up one to two workstations in any given year, it is a good investment.

If you have questions on how to improve productivity in your organization through digital transformation, feel free to book a meeting or contact us.

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