Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Security Audits

Microsoft Security Audits

You don’t gain a competitive edge in business by keeping pace or reacting to the latest trend. You need to be proactive and have the infrastructure to quickly adjust to any change. The same is true for your cybersecurity, which is why Microsoft security audits are useful. The technology experts at SkyTerra, an award-winning Microsoft partner, can help keep your business and your data secure in the cloud.

The right cybersecurity services cover your team, not just your technology. Ensuring that your organization has an added layer of protection from cyber attacks and malicious hacking should always be a top priority. And while some software already comes with built-in security tools you can use to help maintain the integrity of your systems, Microsoft security audits help you potentially identify cyber attacks before they occur.

What Are Microsoft Security Audits?

Microsoft security audits (also known as Microsoft Windows security auditing), involve systematic monitoring of the security of a company’s information system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. Microsoft security audits help to maintain security on the computer and in corporate networks by monitoring user activity, performing forensic analysis, incident investigation and general troubleshooting. These audits let you implement security policies in your environment to fulfill corporate, governmental or industrial requirements.

Microsoft security auditing is one of the most powerful security tools available to Windows computers. Generally, an audit policy comes in two types: basic and advanced. Audit policies allow administrators to review access to things like files, folders and registry keys. When installing the program, businesses are able to select which security events need to be monitored to see if anything was discovered, such as:

  • Account login events
  • Invalid login attempts
  • Account local policies
  • Account management
  • Directory service access
  • Object access
  • Privilege use
  • Process tracking
  • System events

Why Do I Need a Microsoft Security Audit?

With risks and tactics changing quickly, it’s hard to know how to defend your business. The intention of Microsoft security audits is to provide an organization with the systematic monitoring of company information on Windows computers. Both the security of the computer and the information itself are secured by this audit, which identifies any potential breaches of data. For example, by auditing a user’s logon event and activity, an audit can detect unusual traffic or activity that may signal a cyberattack is imminent. This can allow your organization to get ahead of it and stop it before it occurs.

Who Can Help Implement Microsoft Security Audits?

Protect your business and secure your data with an award-winning Microsoft Partner. Microsoft not only makes the day-to-day operations of your business more efficient but can also maximize a return on investment. SkyTerra provides a full range of cybersecurity services that keep your business safe without weighing it down. As a Microsoft solution provider, we have the insight and years of experience to optimize cloud spend and increase cybersecurity measures for your business.

While implementing Microsoft security audits can be extremely effective, it’s important to partner with a managed IT services provider that also ensures your organization stays totally protected by providing:

  • Strong firewall support
  • Dual-factor authentication
  • Security monitoring and data permissions
  • Endpoint protection
  • Employee cybersecurity training
  • Cloud support and implementation
  • End-user support
  • Help desk services
  • And more…

Staying protected against cybersecurity attacks can seem daunting, especially if your organization has multiple networks and employees. Data breaches or general malicious cyber hacking can cost any organization serious time and money. Your cybersecurity plan should have you breathing easy, not losing sleep. Our goal is nothing short of full protection, for your data, your assets and your people. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your business with Microsoft security audits.

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