What are co-managed IT services (also called hybrid IT services)?

SkyTerra What are co-managed IT services

Co-managed IT service, sometimes called hybrid IT services, is when your business keeps an IT staff in-house but supplements its internal resources with some services from a managed service provider (MSP).  When your business is large enough to maintain an in-house IT team, co-manager services can be the best of both worlds: you decide what you want from an MSP and what you want from your in-house team. 

There are many ways co-managed IT services can work. Here are three:

  1. Your in-house IT team leans on the expertise of a managed service provider for advice and assistance but handles the day-to-day IT maintenance.
  2. The MSP becomes your outsourced CTO (sometimes called a virtual chief information security officer or VCISO) while your internal IT team executes plans and manages your systems.
  3. Your IT leadership is in-house but directs an outsourced managed IT team to execute strategies.