Introducing DMARC Analyzer: Boosting Email Security for Your Business

DMARC Analyzer Boosts Email Security

If your organization is searching for ways to boost cybersecurity, your email platform is an ideal place to start. Our clients are having success with Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer. Not familiar with this kind of tool? Here are the basics:  What Is DMARC?  DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting  and conformance) is an essential email authentication protocol designed…

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Paging With Microsoft Teams

Ever had one of your favorite products that you use every day and that contributes to the simplification of your daily tasks get discontinued? A client of ours found themselves in a similar situation when Microsoft ended their on-premise Skype for business system. SkyTerra was able to help them find a solution so they could…

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Why Choose a Datto Partner for Cloud Solutions?

Datto partner

Looking for a lightweight data storage solution that can do the heavy lifting? Cloud services are most likely the right move for you. Get the comprehensive data backup, security and disaster recovery solutions that your business is struggling without. Get rid of your clunky and slow on-site data storage hardware and move to the cloud.…

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Using Mimecast to Migrate Non US Office 365 to a US Tenant

Migrate Non-US Office 365 to US tenant

Mimecast is a cloud-based, anti-spam and archive-filtering service for securing email accounts and communications for businesses. Mimecast provides end users with cloud-managed services, enhanced security, connectivity and collaboration. Here’s how SkyTerra used Mimecast to migrate a non US Office 365 to a US tenant. Challenge Our client, PharmaEssentia, wanted to give more control over their…

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