Buh-Bye, VDI Divas! You’re Too Much Drama, Totally Un-relatable, and So Yesterday.

Why Workspot and SkyTerra Technologies

No one really wants to be around a diva. They’re typically annoying, love complicating matters, and tend to behave as a bully; demanding the people around them bend to their whims or else! But the day arrives when the Diva gets knocked off their throne. Members of the inner circle have had enough of the bad treatment, and those outside the circle are vindicated; for they never liked the Diva in the first place. Today, we’re happy to announce we can all say “Buh-bye!” to big-name VDI Diva providers, and “Hello!” to VDI’s welcoming, friendly face: Workspot – a solution that is uniquely enabling businesses and organizations of all sizes access to VDI without all the complications, costs and confusion served up by their high-maintenance counterparts. Here is a bit of quick background on Workspot and SkyTerra, and the 7 reasons why Workspot’s solution is the answer to simply and securely deliver desktops, applications and data to your end users on any device, in any location.

Why Workspot and SkyTerra: A Bit of Background

For many years, big-name VDI Divas have made things complicated and costly. An organization would need an enormous amount of resources: how many (costly) servers would you need to run? How much storage would you need? What about the maintenance, consultant and support costs? What were the costs to upgrade? The list is long. And (as you may have already witnessed) this unfairly placed VDI out of reach for many companies.

Workspot Reinvents VDI

Workspot has reinvented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Their disruptive, cloud-native VDI architecture makes virtual desktops, apps and GPU-accelerated workstations accessible and affordable for any organization. By alleviating the cost and complexity roadblocks of the first generation of VDI solutions, Workspot delivers on the promises of simplified IT and a great user experience – at the lowest cost of any enterprise-ready VDI solution on the market, available in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. SkyTerra Technologies works closely with Workspot to provide Azure support services – assisting businesses with their DaaS enablement through data migration services, making the transition easier and quicker.

The 7 Reasons Why Workspot is The Answer to Many of Your IT Challenges

1. Because Workspot’s leadership built the first generation of VDI solutions.

Workspot's Leadership Team

The company is founded and led by former Citrix and VMware VDI experts, including Amitabh Sinha, the former GM of the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop business unit and Puneet Chawla, the founding engineer of VMware Horizon View.

Collectively, Workspot’s leadership team has worked with over 250,000 organizations worldwide to deploy application and desktop virtualization, including 95% of the Fortune 100. Having been this deeply involved in VDI 1.0, the Workspot team understands the high cost and complexity challenges you’ve experienced with VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenApp, and Citrix XenDesktop.

2. Because you can Deploy in a day with the lowest TCO. 

Because it is so complex, VDI 1.0 stalled or failed in many organizations and for the rest it just wasn’t accessible because of high TCO. As trusted advisors to many IT teams across the globe, they became deeply dissatisfied with the status quo in end user computing. Deployments took months; sometimes over a year, and IT teams were constantly grappling with break-fix, availability and scalability challenges. The emergence of the cloud for enterprise workloads provided a unique opportunity for us to re-invent VDI, app publishing and DaaS. So, they fixed it!

With all this experience working with organizations of all sizes, they set a primary goal for the solution: Make it insanely simple. The simplicity of our solution is underscored in two areas:

  • Deploy in a day: Customers can get their enterprise-class deployment up and running in a day. Not a throw-away proof of concept (POC), but a production quality pilot that is used for real work.
  • Lowest TCO: Workspotre-architected the operational components of the VDI control plane (load balancing, brokering, portal, configuration, monitoring, and image management) into a cloud-native control plane built on micro-services. This eliminated all the complexity that has caused so many VDI projects to fail. Upfront CapEx can be reduced by as much as 95% and OpEx can be reduced by 50-90%.

3. Because it offers a single platform to solve multiple end user computing problems.

IT needs to solve multiple problems: (1) Deliver Windows applications to end users (2) Deliver server hosted desktops to task workers such as call center employees (3) Deliver virtual desktops to knowledge workers for security or remote access. Most organizations need to solve for more than one of these use cases, and to do so legacy vendors require IT to purchase multiple, complex point solutions. Workspot provides a single platform that enables IT to deliver virtual desktops and apps running in Microsoft Azure, in on-premises infrastructure, or both, to your users. It’s one, insanely simple solution.

Workspot's Single Platform

4. Because it offers a Single pane of glass for IT.

Workspot provides IT a single pane of glass to provision desktops and apps, either on-premises or on Azure. IT can set security policies, assign apps and desktops to users, and monitor performance from one cloud-based console.

The benefit of Workspot’s solution design is that the cloud automates specialized layers of technology, resulting in peak operational performance that requires no management from IT. Workspot can scale instantly to add more users and desktops across multiple locations. Essential to the solution is the separation between the control and data planes – allowing for better performance, reliability, and scalability.

Workspot Control and Data Plane

Architecture highlights:

  • Data is transmitted directly between the end point and host. No sensitive data is transferred through the Workspot cloud service.
  • Scaling to more users is instant. There’s no sizing, installing, or configuring critical components.
  • Everything is updated automatically – Workspot Control services, Workspot Client, Workspot Connector, and Workspot Agent.

5. Because it offers a single unified workspace for your end users.

Workspot Phone ViewIT can deliver the necessary mix of VDI, apps, and data to suit the unique needs of end users all in a single, unified workspace called Workspot Client. Users get a consistent, fast, and seamless experience from any of their devices (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android) regardless of their location. The result is reduced calls to the help desk and happy, productive users!

Workspot delivers unmatched end user performance because it uses a built-in toolkit of enterprise-grade secured browser, powerful Single-Sign On (SSO) technology and modular application engines. Their workspace delivers the best-in-class experience for every class of application: SaaS, VDI, Web, HTML5, Windows client-server, and Network File Shares. Designed with future applications and workflows in mind, Workspot delivers a future-proof workspace to end users.

6. Because it offers guaranteed success.

Workspot is focused on making its customers successful. Legacy software vendors sell you software and transfer all the implementation risk to you. Traditional VDI projects can take months, sometimes years. Workspot doesn’t think that’s fair. They’ve designed their solutions to be insanely simple and want the fastest-time-to-value for you. That’s why they’ve introduced the industry’s first No-risk Engagement Model. This new model allows its customers to prove the value of Workspot over a 45-day period. If you are not satisfied after trying it out, they don’t bill you. It’s that simple.

During the 45-day period, Workspot’s Customer Success team will work with you to deliver a pilot. There are three stages:

  1. Pre-deployment Planning, involving creation of use cases and a mutual success plan
  2. Create Deployment Environment either on Azure or on-premises
  3. Pilot Users

The customer success process is offered to you at NO extra cost. The service is included in the subscription cost.

Workspot 45 day Pilot

7. Because it offers big data analytics.

Workspot’s agent is constantly collecting data from every end-point in real-time and sending it to the cloud for analysis. They collect usage, performance, availability, reliability, click-through, errors, and security data. This big data engine enhances IT’s visibility into every facet of day-to-day operations for their end users – security, performance, and availability. And, for further analysis and trending, this data can be uploaded to on-site SIEM systems, such as Splunk.

Receive a Free, 45-day Live Pilot!

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