Cloud Architect – Azure Infrastructure and Security

Career Overview: Cloud Architect – Azure Infrastructure and Security

The Cloud Architect position requires expectation of broad and deep technology skills across a range of disciplines. Cloud Architects implement, support, and maintain a variety of IT services, including Azure cloud, networking, security, email, systems integration, governance, and disaster recovery both on premises and in the Azure cloud. Cloud Architects provide subject matter expertise for our clients; helping to design, implement, and support their complex environments. This role is customer facing and requires excellent written and oral communication skills.
In addition to a well-rounded technical skill set, this role focuses on Azure infrastructure and security.

Technical Responsibilities:  

IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • Creation | Experience with Virtual Machine deployment, Windows Server & Linux, Apache
  • Retention/Backup | Experience with ASR, Backup/Recovery, Diagnostics, recovery and Failover, Including Availability Sets, Load Balancers and Scale Sets
  • Configuration | IaaS re-sizing, Disk Management, Run Commands, Ports, RDP, Password, Domain connections, Storage, Snapshots and Scripting
  • Migration | Experience with Migrating Virtual Machines from on premise data centers, migration from AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud – VM Ware, Veeam. Cloning Disks and OS using Azure Storage Explorer and using Azure Site Recovery.
  • Networking | Experience with Virtual Network Deployment, Configuration, Scripting, Firewalls, Gateways, Connections, routes, IPSEC, Network Security Groups and routine

SaaS: Software-as-a-Service

  • Creation | Experience deploying Office 365 services, Azure Active Directory Services, Power Automate, Flow
  • Retention/Backup | Experience deploying Backup and DR to all SaaS services using Azure Key Vault and Recovery – Retention, Policies, and configuration of connected services
  • Migration | Experience with discovery and migration of IaaS services to Azure SaaS services, such as Exchange on prem to Office 365, Domain services, ADFS to Azure AD Connect

PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service

  • Creation |Experience or knowledge of deploying such services as Azure App Services, Azure SQL Databases, Analytic services,
  • Retention/Backup | Knowledge of deploying DR, Failover GEO replication for Azure PaaS services with Azure automation and ASR
  • Migration | Knowledge of moving IaaS services to Azure PaaS, such as SQL Server 2016 DB to Azure SQL DB, or IIS Web application to Azure Web App services

DRaaS / BUaaS: Back-Up as a Service

  • Creation | Knowledge of deploying Azure Backup/Recovery, Geo replication, Disaster recovery, regional recovery, and site recovery with use of ASR, JSON templates and Vnet Templates

DBaaS: Database-as-a-Service

  • Creation | Knowledge of deploying Azure SQL Server Managed services, Cosmos DB, Kubernetes and DB scripting and cluster scripting. Knowledge of analytic connections using Azure Cognitive Services, QA, Azure Advanced Analytics, Power BI, and Advanced Learning
  • Migration | Knowledge of migrating data to DBaaS services using Azure SQL connection, Storage tables, SQL Sync- API connections and merge paths

Cloud Security

  • Experience with Azure Security, Azure Monitor, Azure Policies, Azure PIM, Role Based Access Control, Groups, B2C, Guest access, Office Connectors, 3rd party security connectors.
  • Log Analytics | Experience deploying, connecting, configuring Log Analytics, diagnostic and metric monitoring for all Azure services. Knowledge of Kusto and Python Scripting language for Log scripts, Knowledge of Azure Logic apps and automation.
  • Sentinel | Experience with Log Analytics, Azure service connectors, Dashboards, Azure Alerts and Functions- Incident review and Azure Lighthouse connections
  • AIM/AIP | Knowledge of Azure information protection deployment for Cloud Based services and On Premise and Azure Information Management Labels, Policies, and security

Enhanced security (e.g., SQL)

  • Knowledge of Azure Defender, SQL DB Defender, Azure Front Door, Enterprise Security and DDOS Standard


  • Creation | Knowledge of deploying Azure DevOps organization and configuring groups, users, roles, projects, and templates, (Agile, Waterfall, custom)
  • Testing | Knowledge of deploying Azure DevOps Manual and Automated Testing with Office 365 Workflows for Project Management and build. Use of MTM knowledge
  • Integration | Knowledge of using Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines, builds, deployment and Azure Web App, Services, Bots and Logic App configuration and slotting


  • Knowledge of Azure AI integration services, devices, configuration, tracking, Applications, Storage use and analytics. AI tracking, learning and DB algorithm configuration. Example: Sentinel security and configuration scripting, advanced QnA, PC Learning and automated updates.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Business, and/or Operations from an accredited college/university or related professional experience
  • Excellent technical troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to prioritize effectively and handle shifting priorities professionally
  • Ability to perform performance benchmarking with strong analytical skills, strategic focus, broad-based business judgment, proven initiative, creativity, assertiveness, and leadership abilities
  • Excellent communication and reactionary/triage instincts
  • Experience in risk management, oversight of quality assurance, and quality review processes
  • Able to provide exceptional customer service and technical expertise for our clients

To apply for this position or for more information, please send your resume and inquiries to with the subject Cloud Architect – Azure Infrastructure and Security.

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