Cash Out: How to Maximize ROI on Your Microsoft Structure

The goal of using the Microsoft structure as your technology solution is to save your business time and money. A 2019 Microsoft commissioned study found that using just Azure Sentinel delivers 201 percent ROI over 3 years and a payback of less than 6 months. Here are three ways to optimize your environment to maximize ROI on your Microsoft structure.

Streamline Activities

By narrowing your solutions down to just one ecosystem, you run a more efficient business. The Microsoft solutions (Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook, OneDrive, project management tools) are all integrated. This is more efficient for the end user and the organization as a whole. By not paying for as many one-off solutions, if any, you will keep more revenue in the bank.

Reduce Redundant Technologies

Many businesses find that their technology solutions are redundant to the services available in the Microsoft Cloud. When you move to the cloud, you can reduce the number of vendors you partner with. One of our clients went from 28 to 8 vendors after migrating to the cloud. This saved the company 160 hours per year that had been spent working with each vendor.

Optimize Cloud Spend

The Microsoft structure allows you to consolidate all your bills. MS Teams Voice, for example, is easy to transition to and comes with large cost savings. Deploying a MS Teams Room System provides a cost savings of $15 – $20 thousand because it is 50-60% cheaper than it was three years ago. The MS structure has solutions you may not know even about, including MFA for added security. This can save your business approximately $8/user/month. 

In addition to consolidating services, using MS solutions allows you to remove vendors and inefficient licenses. Restructuring licenses can result in 15- 30% savings.


It is important to understand that Microsoft might not have all the right solutions for your company. A trusted cloud consultant will suggest a better solution if necessary. It is also important to be wary of legacy vendors. They may have sold the wrong solution to your business years ago rather than solving the problem; this is especially true for remote problems. SkyTerra has been doing remote by design for six years and can make the transition painless for your business.

Use Microsoft’s free ROI estimator tool to see your company’s estimated three-year net present value per user.

SkyTerra is a cloud-focused company and Microsoft partner. We have insight into how to optimize cloud spend and years of experience to back it up. As your partner, we’ll start by learning about your organization and how you do business today. Then we’ll derive a roadmap on how to optimize your environment and are always thinking about what’s ahead. We start with key pain areas and slowly migrate your systems to the cloud.

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