Going Back to the Office (Or Not)

Back To The Office (or Not) Remote Work

The forced work-from-home experiment we have all been living through over the past few months has tested the limits for so many companies. Those without an existing large, and/or successful, WFH population had to quickly decide how to make things best operate.

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What is Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics?

SkyTerra's Advanced Threat Analytics Services

    Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics: See the intruder before they can hurt your bottom line.  Every day we hear about new threats to the digital world. Cyber thieves out to steal your data, ransom your company, or worse – perform outright vandalism on your organization. Every day your company is under threat by different…

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We’re Beefing-Up Networking and Security

SkyTerra Technologies Beefing Up Security

Protecting and securing networks and data – according to a recent survey from CBS Interactive, it’s the biggest IT challenge for 2017. A data breach is every company’s worst nightmare. And it’s an expensive nightmare to have; for example: the forecasted average loss for a breach of 1,000 records is between $52,000 and $87,000. What would…

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